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Making a Court Appearance Remotely

Posted on: May 30th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Not everyone chooses to make a physical appearance in court. Remote court appearances have become increasingly common, especially since the dawn of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Making court appearances remotely can be advantageous at times. That said, court reporters and their technology make it possible to hold court proceedings remotely. Here’s what people should know about remote court appearances and how professional court reporters fit into the process. 

What to Expect at a Remote Court Appearance

Court reporters that are familiar with modern technologies can help legal professionals conduct court hearings virtually. If you’ve been required to appear in court outside of your local jurisdiction, you should expect to be in a different courtroom than what you’re used to.

When attending a court hearing virtually, you won’t have to look up the address of the courthouse or district where you’re appearing. While you may be required to appear before a judge, you will likely not be required to meet with a jury. 

The standard of proof required in a court hearing, the burden of proof, is likely to be the same burden of proof needed in your local jurisdiction. What this means is that you should expect to be required to provide evidence and explain your case to the judge and jury. 

You may be questioned by the judge during the hearing, and you will likely be expected to answer the judge’s questions. This may feel intimidating at first, but it is very important that you remain calm and respectful. You should answer the questions to the best of your ability and let the judge take the lead during the hearing.

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Why It’s Important for Court Reporters to Keep Their Equipment in Good Condition

Posted on: May 23rd, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Court reporters are the unsung heroes of the courtroom. In the background of every court case, divorce, or legal battle, there is a court reporter working diligently in the background. A good court reporter is someone who can record statements that are made during court proceedings with perfect accuracy. While it’s important for court reporters to have a certain knowledge level to do their jobs effectively, the condition of the equipment they use is equally important.  

Here’s why it is important for court reporters to always keep their equipment updated and in good condition. You will also learn how the state of a court reporter’s equipment can affect the outcome of a court case. 

Court Reporter Equipment

Court reporters use several key pieces of equipment to do their jobs. Practically every court reporter uses a stenographer typewriter. These are specially designed typewriters that are built to facilitate fast and easy typing. It’s important for court reporters to keep their stenographer typewriters in good condition or to replace them when they become unreliable. 

Most court reporters also use microphones and voice recording equipment to capture audio during court proceedings or depositions. If the microphones or recording equipment is damaged in any way, it can affect the recordings which can affect the accuracy of the court reporter’s transcripts in turn. This is why it’s important for court reporters to keep their equipment in good condition. 

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Reasons to Become a Court Reporter

Posted on: May 16th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

With thousands of students questioning the value of a college degree in times when graduates are overburdened by student loan debt, finding a solid career path has never been harder. Those graced with sharp minds and the skill to type exceptionally fast are finding a good fit in the services industry as court reporters. Thinking about pursuing a career as a court reporter? Here’s what you should know!

Advantages of Becoming a Court Reporter

Becoming a court reporter is a career decision that comes with plenty of advantages. For one thing, you’ll earn a decent income. Court reporters tend to be paid rather generously when compared to other jobs.

If you’re a fast typer and a good listener, you can make anywhere between over $40,000 to $70,00+ per year as a court reporter. Not only will you make a great income as a court reporter, but you’ll also be in demand. 

The demand for court reporters has been rising steadily over the past few years as fewer court reporters are available. One reason for the shortage is the fact that fewer people are going into court reporting as a career choice. 

People going into court reporting won’t have to study as long as it would take to complete other degrees to command a similar income. Between the generous compensation and job stability, becoming a court reporter can be very lucrative. That said, it takes skill, concentration, and a strong work ethic to succeed as a court reporter. If you think you have what it takes, go for it!

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What Distinguishes a Court Reporter From a Court Stenographer

Posted on: May 9th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

People often use the terms court reporter and stenographer interchangeably, but there are a few key differences that distinguish them from each other. If you’re going to hire a court reporter or a stenographer, you should know the difference between the two so you can make the best decision. Here’s an overview highlighting the biggest and most important differences between court reporters and stenographers. 

Explaining the Difference Between Court Reporters and Stenographers

Court reporters are distinguished from stenographers by their level of education. Someone can become a stenographer in roughly six months. On the other hand, court reporters typically undergo a number of years of training and education. 

It’s also customary for most court reporters to obtain certification in their field. The additional education that court reporters have under their belts allows them to perform more specialized tasks. 

Stenographers are generally limited to the singular task of providing transcriptions for the court. A court reporter can take on additional responsibilities ranging from administrative details to notary services. 

Court reporters are expected to have a more in-depth understanding of legal terminology and procedures. This also makes court reporters more valuable as they can accomplish more with the training they have. 

Training for 6 months to be a stenographer is a good way to start out if you want to test the waters and see if putting in a few years of schooling would be worth it. As a profession, being a court reporter takes a certain level of skill and dedication to the craft. 

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What it’s Like to Be a Court Reporter

Posted on: May 2nd, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Court reporters are in demand as the shortage continues to put a strain on legal professionals looking for reliable court reporting services. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a court reporter, you’ll want to check this out! Here’s what you should know about what being a court reporter is like. 

Understanding What it’s Like to Be a Court Reporter

Being a court reporter takes a lot of work. It takes skill, dedication, and patience to be a good court reporter. Without these qualities, most people don’t last long in the court reporting industry. One of the biggest challenges of being a court reporter is the stress. Imagine the stress of having to type out what people are saying in court and on the stand. 

Capturing everything they say word-for-word with total accuracy is incredibly challenging. It takes a certain kind of individual to have the professionalism, speed, and mental capacity to record everyone’s responses accurately in real-time. 

A good court reporter has to have exceptional listening skills. They encounter a vast variety of different accents and dialects. Furthermore, they have to record the statements that are given as accurately as possible which can be difficult considering the many different ways that people talk. Some people speak quietly and are hard to hear, others talk very fast and are hard to keep up with. Court reporters encounter all kinds of people and they have to record them all to the best of their abilities. 

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