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Florida Court System Steadily Working Through Pandemic

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Everything is quite complicated when solving the issues of our current court system through this pandemic. However, with diligence and patience, the Florida Court System has been steadily working through. There is quite a long list of cases that has built up due to COVID-19. That is why Florida court systems, such as the Palm Beach County court system has done great work to minimize the amount of hearings, appearances and people within the jails quite well over this period of turmoil.


Workgroups Created and Coordinated


In order for all of this to have played out strategically, the courts developed a system between remote and on-site workers. Judges, judicial assistants, court staff and partners and many more have been using proper methods of social distancing. Also, thanks to the offset use of teleworking and rotating teams of on-site workers, the virus has been spreading at very minimal amounts. This reduction of person to person contact has allowed these determined workers to continue their job and aid in this very difficult time. These workgroups are consulting public health experts with the ability of handling pandemics and managing exactly what people should do. With the help of these officials, they are able to propose actions and hearings. They are then able to report these actions through state court administrators as soon as they are developed.


Milestones During a Pandemic


Within Palm Beach County, the court system has been diligently working in order to lessen the huge load of work that will return once the pandemic crisis is averted. With the help of teleworking and rotating on-site people, hearing and appearances have been physically and virtually happening. Thankfully, the jail populations have been decreasing, orders are being made, paperwork is being handled and judges are able to reside over many hearings. As long as these court workers are able to work in good health, the court systems shouldn’t be overwhelmed upon the opening of the country.

Virtual Court During Pandemic

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With the coronavirus effecting the nation, people have been social distancing for all types of events. All court dates were delayed without further notice once the lockdown began. However, this week was a new look for court. The court system began its virtual court in order to start knocking out many of the waiting appeals. This system will allow cases to be slowly undertaken while remaining a safe distance away. Until the lockdown ends, this system is necessary. However, there is no site as to when exactly that will happen. According to President Trump, he intends to reopen the country this coming month.


COVID-19 Pandemic Court Response


People that are currently in essential or emergency proceedings that need to appear in court no longer have to wait until the end of the pandemic. This not only allows court officials to continue along schedule, but dramatically reduces the amount of people within the courtroom. Participants are able to use Skype to connect to the court proceeding and further the process at an expedited rate. Judges, criminal defendants, attorneys and more are all able to continue their social distancing while taking care of the cases that need immediate attention. This process also makes certain participants even more essential. Such as Court Reporters!


Court Reporters Document Your Virtual Case


When you are part of a proceeding that needs someone to have an ear open and everything to be documented, a court reporter is there to help. During these virtual cases, many things can be mistranslated or miscommunicated due to the video conferences. A court reporter is extremely necessary in order to document your full case. These court reporters are willing to put their work ahead of them and aid during this critical time. Constant monitoring of social distancing is still occurring. Therefore, in order for your case to be documented correctly, be sure to have a court reporter present during the virtual case!

Remote Depositions Service

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Court Scribes is proud to offer its clients remote depositions so that they can still practice and work on cases during the Coronobsvirus pandemic. CourtScribes is a leader in remote deposition and legal video technology. So you can rest easy knowing that your cases files and information will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. As always CourtScribes will provide you with a top of the line legal video of your remote deposition for your case files and for your law firm’s future reference.

CourtScribes remote deposition technology is state of the art and super easy to use. You will barely have to lift a finger, we will take care of everything for you remotely. At CourtScribes customer service is of the utmost importance. So we make sure that the set up for remote depositions is as easy and fast as humanly possible. At CourtScribes your remote deposition will be so easy to run that you will honestly wonder why you do not do all your depositions remotely.

At CourtScribes we have been leaders in the remote deposition technology for years. Though we are not happy about the Coronavirus pandemic. We are thrilled that everyone is getting to use our technology at such a high level. We have been doing more remoted depositions than ever before and we thank all of you for your continued support of our remote deposition technology. To schedule your remote deposition please contact our office toll-free at 1-833-SCRIBES or you can email us at

Court Reporters

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Court Reporters

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