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CourtScribes Will Take Care of All of Your Court Reporter and Remote Court Needs

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CourtScribes is a team of professionals dedicated to giving the highest quality service to judges, attorneys and all other court participants through their excellent court reporters and high-quality technology. With a plethora of professional-level recording systems, digitally based technology and high-quality video, they capture every moment of a case and store it in their cloud-based databank. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all over the nation, they have taken the extra step to provide all remote court needs. From scheduling, to recording and even video hosting, CourtScribes is here for all of your court reporter and remote court needs.


What Features Does CourtScribes Have?


CourtScribes prides itself on the state-of-the-art technology that allows for picture perfect court recordings. When you’re trusting your cases to CourtScribes you’re receiving all of the following:

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Remote Deposition

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Due to the COVID – 19 outbreaks, we are in a state of emergency that calls for as much social distancing as possible. Through the practice of social distancing, it was agreed upon that conducting trials while making use of remote court appearances and remote depositions is the best form. However, many people are not used to these video conferences and may be scouring the internet for tips on how to handle these remote situations. Well you’re in luck, here are the top 5 tips for having a successful remote deposition.

5. Make Sure Equipment is in Order


A stable internet connection is essential to having a successful remote deposition. Make sure all of your computer systems are stable so you won’t have any issues with disconnections. All of your audio devices must be working and make sure that your microphone is transferring audio correctly.

4. Know Your Web Conference Applications


Do a practice run of the software that you will be using during the Remote Deposition prior to having the real one. This will make it so you’re comfortable with using it and can access all the system commands without issue.

3. Try Not to Interrupt Audio from Another Source


Remote Depositions are recorded for future use and it is important that all of the audio is transmitted correctly. Don’t try to speak over others to ensure that everything is recorded.

2. Use a Space you Are Comfortable Being Within


You don’t want any unexpected visitors popping in to interrupt your remote deposition. Make sure that the area you choose to conduct is free from any chance of disruption. Also, take advantage of the fact you may allocate yourself to a space where you feel most comfortable.

1. Follow all Normal Conducts and Courses for a Standard Deposition


Although you are now comfortable in your home, with your familiar equipment, its important that you remain in a professional state of mind. Keep all your standard protocol procedures for conducting a normal deposition. Court Scribes is proud to provide everything required for a remote deposition so contact us today!

What are the Benefits of Remote Court Appearances?

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As we progress through the coronavirus, we are discovering a lot of these social distancing measures that are being taken are more convenient than their original counterparts. One of these situations is court appearances. The use of remote court appearances has become a blessing for attorneys and judges to become even more efficient than ever before. Overcrowding is a thing of the past; attorneys are becoming much more flexible with their time and even more efficient at their job. Its as simple as having a scheduled video call between the attorneys and other participants. Then, the judge would simply dial in to the call and conduct the trial then and there.

What are the Benefits for Attorneys to Conduct their Business Remotely?


One of the biggest issues for attorneys is the ability to schedule cases and conduct multiple trials in different places. Travel time causes an extreme amount of difficulty. Especially in situations such as traffic hour and severe weather. However, these newfound social distancing movements are not only allowing for safety from the coronavirus, but even better flexibility with time! All costs of litigation will be decreasing and this will save not only the attorneys’ money, but the clients’ money as well.

Are Judges Benefiting from Remote Court Appearances?


It is definitely apparent that attorneys and their clients will be saving plenty of litigation fees through Remote Court Appearances, but what about judges? Judges mainly reside in one area for most of their work. These remote cases allow a judge to just dial into a video session. There is no longer any outer noise that will distract any of the participants in the case. All videos, recordings, depositions and other information will be backed up and be saved into an online database for these judges to find. Finally, CourtScribes takes care of all the support inquiries, transitions between cases and even create private rooms quickly for a judge to talk to an attorney.

COVID-19 Increasing Demand for Remote Court Appearances All Over the Country

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As the country is beginning to reopen in the attempt of returning to life and living with the virus, there are still many constraints on distancing and self-safety. In order to preserve life as much as possible, most environments that are still able to function in a remote setting are requiring to do so. All over the United States there are courts requiring that all cases be transmitted through the modern courtroom, Remote Court Appearances. Courtrooms are some of the most compact and difficult places to properly follow all social distancing guidelines. Court Scribes is proud to represent attorneys, judges and other participants in all Remote Court Appearances for the safety of all!


Technology Bringing the Courtroom to you


IT professionals are capable of bringing a courtroom to wherever you may be. Although we still do recommend wearing proper formal attire for appearing in a court, you can conduct these cases from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but companies such as Court Scribes, will allow you to have an online portal for all videos, audio files, depositions and full text court reporting for the proceedings. Attorneys are able to conduct all matters civil, criminal and any type of litigation from their own office. Using your phone, computer or whatever your desired device for Remote Court Appearances.


Benefits of Remote Court Appearances


These practices are going to increase the capability of our court officials in all aspects of life. Long-term results may even find that remote court appearances bring about quicker and more reliable results. Complete video copies of all court proceedings are easily made with recording technology. No travel is required of any participant. Also, this completely eliminates all forms of violating social distancing. The largest two issues with currently attending an in-person court proceeding would be the waiting room and the court room itself. With Court Scribes’ availability to give all attorneys, judges and other law participants a platform for remote court appearances, it will be difficult for people to return to the older mundane way of conducting trials.

Remote Court Appearances for Judges and Lawyers

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In an attempt to limit public exposure to COVID-19, many courts, judges, lawyers and justice partners from around the country have been doing remote court appearances. Many cases have been seeing cancellations around the country due to lack of technology or means of making contact will all personnel. However, with leaders in remote court appearance technology such as Court Scribes, the court systems have been trying to keep up on as many cases as possible. It is imperative that we all remain in safe areas while conducting the business required to keep things going during the temporary shutdown.


National Health Crisis Calls for Remote Court


A national health crisis puts a lot of pressure on people all throughout the country. Those who are awaiting trial are now not only worried about the results, but have to worry about contracting a virus from their peers. Everyone’s health must be of the upmost importance during this all and we at Court Scribes are here to help you do that in any way possible.

The Court Scribes Remote Court Appearance service integrates 24/7 operator assisted support and remote technology to facilitate efficient and easy-to-use telephonic appearances at no cost to the Court. Our service provides flexibility and great cost savings for attorneys while helping courts with overcrowding issues and general efficiency.


Court Scribes is a Leader in Remote Court Appearance Technology


In order for these remote court appearances to continue and remain successful, the technology of the platforms for such appearances must be tried and true. Court Scribes takes pride in possessing the leading technology for areas of court reporting and remote court appearances. With the highest quality audio recording technology, videography equipment that is reliable and well maintained and an online repository of all transcripts, exhibits and videos, you’ll be using our company’s resources with confidence. For all appearances, including judge and attorney remote court appearances, contact Court Scribes today!

Do You Need Help with a Remote Court Appearance?

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You’re in luck! CourtScribes is here to help you during this health crisis. We know that regardless of the conditions of the United States, the court system will continue to do everything in its power to keep on their schedule of appearances. However, its difficult for people to feel safe when presenting themselves in court during this pandemic. CourtScribes is proud to offer Remote Court Appearances for Lawyers and Remote Court Appearances for Judges! If you or a loved one need help with a remote court appearance, we’d be more than happy to help you as well. CourtScribes has been serving the country for years and even during the coronavirus lockdown.


Lawyer and Judges can Appear Remotely in Court as Well!


It is imperative to know that everyone’s health should take precedence over everything during our national health crisis. Social distancing and remaining home are the easiest ways to avoid infection. Thankfully, you have someone to turn to for your remote court appearances!

The CourtScribes Remote Court Appearance service integrates 24/7 operator assisted support and remote technology to facilitate efficient and easy-to-use telephonic appearances at no cost to the Court. Our service provides flexibility and great cost savings for attorneys while helping courts with overcrowding issues and general efficiency.


Reliable Remote Court Appearance


It is extremely important to have a reliable remote court appearance company. If their technology fails at any time, it could lead to mistakes, wasted time and loss of resources. CourtScribes is proud to inform that we have leading-edge technology and people who have plenty of experience using them. With the highest quality audio recording technology, videography equipment that is reliable and well maintained and an online repository of all transcripts, exhibits and videos, you’ll be using our company’s resources with confidence. For all appearances, including judge and attorney remote court appearances, contact CourtScribes today!

Court Reporter Shortage: High Demand!

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Legal and court reporting industries are on the verge of a serious court reporter shortage. As we start this new decade, we are looking at the lowest rates of court reporters ever recorded. The median age of all court reporters is right around 51 years old. This number is an omen for some very serious trouble for the industry in the future. With generations of court reporters nearing retirement, this industry is one of the most profitable careers paths available right now.


Why is there a Shortage of Court Reporters?


With the progression of technology, many people assumed that court reporting would eventually be a technological takeover. The court reporter would be replaced by the machine they used. However, it is quite the opposite. Legal industries will always be a prevalent pathway for a career. All legal activity has seen a large increase as the years progress. Due to this factor, the demand for these court reporters is becoming greater and greater. However, due to the lower rate of school enrollment and education, the knowledge of this position has begun to fade from the awareness of legal students. Also, with the average age of the average court reporter ranging around 51, many of these officials will be retiring within the next decade. This is going to leave a huge gap in the industry’s employment efficiency.


Benefits of Becoming a Court Reporter


If people even slightly considered the benefits of becoming a court reporter, then they would notice that this position is a goldmine for the freelance and entrepreneurial era we are in. First of all, court reporters bring in a good amount of income. However, with the demand on the rise for more, the earning potential of a court reporter has never been higher. Secondly, the education requirements for becoming a court reporter aren’t as difficult as you’d think. Many people believe an education in law will require many studious years. On the contrary, a court reporter is usually in a scholastic environment for only two years or until they receive their certificate. Lastly, there are so many different industries that require precision court reporting. This opens up so many viable ways of contorting your court reporting career to your freelancing niche. This job has never been as valuable or had as much potential as now!

NCRA’s Celebrate Certification Month

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The Members of the National Court Reporter’s Association are once again coming to participate in the annual Celebrate Certification Month. This May will be the third year of celebrating not only Court Reporter certifications, but certifications of all kind. Throughout the month, members of the NCRA are being encouraged to share with clients and other workforce about their success with being a certified court reporter. Also, they are trying to connect with clients about how important receiving a national certification is, and how important it is to choose people who possess such qualities.


Importance of Having a National Certification


National certifications are a key element to showing dedication to your profession. A national certified court reporter has a big commitment to their profession and does their best to keep all of their skills polished. Those with professional certifications provide the highest quality service available in the career. Also, numerous court reporters that truly do possess their professional certifications show to have a higher pay then others. Court Reporters are currently in short supply. All over the country, these positions need to be filled. What better time to strive for a certification in professional court reporting than now?


Court Reporter Platform


Court reporters all over the country are striving for greatness in their profession. There are tons of specialized court reporting certifications. Many of these professions only require designated training and certifications. This is contrary to other professions that require well over 4 years of learning in a scholastic environment. Being a court reporter is in increasing demand. These jobs include venues all over the world, flexible schedules and great salaries! May, 2020 is another year of celebrating certifications of all kinds throughout the country. If you haven’t taken the time to achieve a professional certification for your job, then now is the time! It is never too late to be recognized as one that strives and perseveres in their profession!

What can CourtScribes do for you?

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CourtScribes is a team of highly professional court reporters that are leading the industry in top of the line technology at a fraction of the price. An experienced court reporter is essential to every case including federal, state and local jurisdictions. Digital recording is now the exclusive method for all Supreme Court cases as well! With professional legal videography, ease of access databases and transcripts that are made with effective and precise support services, this is a service that paralegals and attorneys alike can rely on. Whether it’s a trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation or a hearing, call CourtScribes at 1-833-SCRIBES today!


Top of the Line Services


Audio Recording

CourtScribes audio recording equipment is designed to record every voice clearly and precisely. Each sound channel is dedicated to another person. Without having interfering channels, each voice will be captured in its own time allowing for playback at any time. Regardless of outside noise, accents or low speaking voices, there should be zero issues with our court reporters’ abilities to capture every moment.

Audio Transcripts

Each sample of audio will be replayed, documented and time-stamped for future review if needed. There won’t be any issues if a previous statement needs to be retraced or disputed. These transcripts are available through our 24/7 online database.


CourtScribes provides live and on-demand video streaming for your proceedings. These videos are also kept in our database for needed use. We use video-to-text synchronization for easy research into a past video. Using our time-recorded transcripts, you’ll be able to lookup statements from a perfect text record that matches up with both video and audio in perfection. Our top of the line technology will ensure that your case will be recorded with precision and accuracy.


CourtScribes is here for all your trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings. If you need an experienced team of Court Reporters with top of the line technology, call 1-833-SCRIBES today!

Remote Court Appearances & Remote Depositions

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CourtScribes knows it’s difficult in these times to find resources willing to aid you in any lawful manner. However, we are offering the best remote depositions and remote court appearances available! COVID-19 is bringing some difficult times upon the United States. That doesn’t stop the court system. In these situations, you still need depositions for your case.  CourtScribes is among the nations leaders when it comes to remote depositions. Also, they have the best video technology so you don’t have to worry about a court appearance.

We at CourtScribes value costumer service. We take care of your case with precise and perfect video records. Don’t worry about any manner of your proceeding to be missed; Regardless the complexity. In this time of social distancing, some of these cases can be extremely chaotic. You can rest assure that with our top of the line, industry leading technology, your case will be handled with perfection. It is very important to have people ready and willing to handle remote depositions in situations where professional law firms are trying to get ahead of you. In order to efficiently balance all of your testimonials and manage your time precisely, you’ll need experts like the CourtScribes.

Whether you need video streaming, quality transcripts, or even just a simple witness deposition, CourtScribes handles every manner of your proceeding with care. Finding a company that will take care of your Remote Depositions and Remote Court Appearances may be difficult during the coronavirus pandemic. The CourtScribes Remote Court Appearance service integrates 24/7 operator assisted support and remote technology to facilitate efficient and easy-to-use telephonic appearances at no cost to the Court. Our service provides flexibility and great cost savings for attorneys while helping courts with overcrowding issues and general efficiency. If you need a Remote Court Deposition or Remote Court Appearance handled, call 1-833-SCRIBES today!

Florida Court System Steadily Working Through Pandemic

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Everything is quite complicated when solving the issues of our current court system through this pandemic. However, with diligence and patience, the Florida Court System has been steadily working through. There is quite a long list of cases that has built up due to COVID-19. That is why Florida court systems, such as the Palm Beach County court system has done great work to minimize the amount of hearings, appearances and people within the jails quite well over this period of turmoil.


Workgroups Created and Coordinated


In order for all of this to have played out strategically, the courts developed a system between remote and on-site workers. Judges, judicial assistants, court staff and partners and many more have been using proper methods of social distancing. Also, thanks to the offset use of teleworking and rotating teams of on-site workers, the virus has been spreading at very minimal amounts. This reduction of person to person contact has allowed these determined workers to continue their job and aid in this very difficult time. These workgroups are consulting public health experts with the ability of handling pandemics and managing exactly what people should do. With the help of these officials, they are able to propose actions and hearings. They are then able to report these actions through state court administrators as soon as they are developed.


Milestones During a Pandemic


Within Palm Beach County, the court system has been diligently working in order to lessen the huge load of work that will return once the pandemic crisis is averted. With the help of teleworking and rotating on-site people, hearing and appearances have been physically and virtually happening. Thankfully, the jail populations have been decreasing, orders are being made, paperwork is being handled and judges are able to reside over many hearings. As long as these court workers are able to work in good health, the court systems shouldn’t be overwhelmed upon the opening of the country.

Virtual Court During Pandemic

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With the coronavirus effecting the nation, people have been social distancing for all types of events. All court dates were delayed without further notice once the lockdown began. However, this week was a new look for court. The court system began its virtual court in order to start knocking out many of the waiting appeals. This system will allow cases to be slowly undertaken while remaining a safe distance away. Until the lockdown ends, this system is necessary. However, there is no site as to when exactly that will happen. According to President Trump, he intends to reopen the country this coming month.


COVID-19 Pandemic Court Response


People that are currently in essential or emergency proceedings that need to appear in court no longer have to wait until the end of the pandemic. This not only allows court officials to continue along schedule, but dramatically reduces the amount of people within the courtroom. Participants are able to use Skype to connect to the court proceeding and further the process at an expedited rate. Judges, criminal defendants, attorneys and more are all able to continue their social distancing while taking care of the cases that need immediate attention. This process also makes certain participants even more essential. Such as Court Reporters!


Court Reporters Document Your Virtual Case


When you are part of a proceeding that needs someone to have an ear open and everything to be documented, a court reporter is there to help. During these virtual cases, many things can be mistranslated or miscommunicated due to the video conferences. A court reporter is extremely necessary in order to document your full case. These court reporters are willing to put their work ahead of them and aid during this critical time. Constant monitoring of social distancing is still occurring. Therefore, in order for your case to be documented correctly, be sure to have a court reporter present during the virtual case!

Canada’s Legalization Of Marijuana Will Have Implications Across The Border

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On Oct.17, Canada became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any rules or laws that apply to marijuana smokers, The Washington Post reported.

Canadian law allows people 18 and older to buy marijuana, but some provinces have set a minimum age of 19 to match the drinking age, and Quebec has announced its intentions to raise it to 21.

The new federal law sets a 30-gram limit on how much marijuana people can buy or possess in public. That’s equivalent to about one ounce. In addition, some cities have specific rules that apply to where you can consume your legal lmarijuana.

The legal sale of pot is limited to fresh buds, oil, plants and seeds. Edibles are not available for legal purchase although you can cook and consume them in someone’s home.

Driving under the influence of drugs is illegal, with different penalties in different provinces.

You cannot bring marijuana legally purchased in Canada back into the United States, even if you are bringing it into a U.S. state where marijuana has been legalized. It will be considered both possession and drug smuggling.

Although medical cannabis is legal in 46 states, marijuana is still an illegal substance under federal law. The federal government regulates drugs through the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). This act does distinguish between medical and recreational use of cannabis. Marijuana laws are used to prosecute people who possess, cultivate, or distribute large quantities of cannabis, according to Americans for Safe Access.

Under federal law, cannabis is treated like every other controlled substance, such as cocaine and heroin.. Under the CSA, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug, which means the federal government considers it to be highly addictive and that it has no medical value.

Although doctors can’t “prescribe” cannabis for medical use under federal law, they can “recommend” its use under the First Amendment, ASA said.

National Law Enforcement Museum Opens In D.C.

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Law enforcement is any important part of the legal process, just as court reporting plays a crucial role.

A new National Law Enforcement Museum has opened in Washington, D.C. offering interactive exhibits the founders hope will help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.

Among the more than 21,000 artifacts housed at the new museum are the phone that received the first 911 emergency call, the desk J. Edgar Hoover used as FBI director, and the handcuffs used by a police officer to arrest Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Sen. Robert F. Kennedy.

The purpose of the museum is to honor law enforcement professionals and to give people a greater appreciation for what officers do, CEO Craig Floyd told Fox News.

“People are, hopefully, going to come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the value and the vital role that law enforcement plays in our society,” Floyd said.

The Day in the Life exhibit allows visitors to see what a typical day is like for a patrol officer in various cities. Visitors can also go inside a real prison cell.

Visitors can learn what it’s like to be a 911 emergency by visiting the 911 dispatch center and going through a simulation, taking mock calls and deciding how to proceed and get help to “victims.”

A key feature of the museum is the Hall of Remembrance, which honors fallen law enforcement professionals by displaying photos of officers killed in the line of duty.

Congress approved the use of federal land for the museum, but developers were required to build most of the museum underground. Two of the floors of the 58,000-square-foot building are underground.

Tickets for the museum, located at 444 E Street N.W., are $21.95 for adults, $16 for seniors ($14.50 for military, veterans, law enforcement and students with valid ID) and $12 for children under the age of 12.

Court reporter shortage felt nationwide

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Court reporters

Miami court reporters Courtscribes bring technology to the table.

A national court reporter shortage looms. But Miami court reporters company Courtscribes is pioneering technology that could help make the industry more efficient.

The court reporter shortage is happening despite the attractiveness of the profession, which includes jobs that can bring six-figure salaries. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The field, which many like to date back to ancient scribes, requires training in typing as many as 225 words a minute on a stenotype machine, a chorded keyboard used to transcribe spoken word into shorthand. Students can learn to use the machine in programs offered by trade schools and community colleges.

Depending on the industry, their experience and the amount of work they take on, court reporters can make upward of $95,000 a year. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the median annual pay for court reporters in 2016 was $51,320. Median pay for all high-school graduates without further education, meanwhile, has hovered around $30,000 over the past several years, according to the National Center for Education.

 At Miami court reporters company Courtscribes, the offerings go far beyond mere courtroom stenography. Its cloud, video and audio technology makes it a force to be reckoned with. The company’s process often works in the following way:
  • An experienced court reporter oversees recording equipment and takes simultaneous notes.  Digital annotations are time-linked to the recording so it’s a simple process to find and listen to actual testimony.
  • Each primary participant in the proceeding is given a discreet sound channel so that each voice is distinct, eliminating confusion caused by cross talk. “This voice isolation feature permits a full and accurate transcription of exactly what was said — and who said it — because each channel can be listened to individually,” entrepreneur and professor Barry Unger writes in a white paper.
  • Because of the quality of the recordings, court reporters are less obtrusive than in more traditional court stenography. Unger writes, “The recording process captures all words exactly as spoken — then in transcription the audio can be replayed as needed to verify verbatim accuracy.”
  • Lawyers or other interested parties can obtain copies of the digital recording as well as the transcript, and, “With digital annotations directly “hot-linked” to the audio, points of interest are located quickly and efficiently,” Unger writes.

Will virtual reality become commonplace in the courtroom?

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Virtual reality

Virtual reality could soon revolutionize the courtroom.

At CourtScribes, we’re revolutionizing court reporting and courtroom video through technology. But there’s another technology on the horizon that could profoundly affect the legal system—Virtual Reality.

Most of us think of Virtual Reality in the context of games or other entertainment. But the technology has made inroads in medicine, architecture, and, yes, law.

Bloomberg Law reports that as Virtual Reality’s costs come down, tech-savvy lawyers are examining what it can do to help their presentations and cases:

Though it can still run into six figures, the cost of virtual reality has come down and tech-savvy attorneys say the time is right for a fresh look at the technology’s use during trials, especially in areas like product liability or criminal law where evidence is vital to recreating events or presenting science.

“There are incredible possibilities for using this technology in the courtroom,” defense attorney Noel Edlin told Bloomberg Law.

Virtual reality could be used to “transport members of a jury to a Superfund site, inside a mesothelioma patient’s lungs, to the intersection where an accident occurred, or to a grisly crime scene,” said Edlin, managing partner at Bassi Edlin Huie & Blum in San Francisco.

“I believe that in 10 years, most trial lawyers will be using VR just like they’re using laptops today. VR will be the norm, not the exception,” plaintiffs’ attorney Mitch Jackson, a senior partner at Jackson & Wilson in Laguna Hills, Calif., told Bloomberg Law.

In another article, though, Bloomberg Law reports that there are still hurdles to clear before we see virtual reality headsets in everyday courtrooms. Among those:

Topping the list, three-dimensional graphical presentations with interactivity seem so real to jurors that they may prove unduly persuasive in a legal process built around discerning truth. And people can react very differently to the technology.

Some jurors may lose attention while others may even get motion sick.

Those obstacles may be surmounted by excluding jurors prone to illness and physical stress; and experts can serve as courtroom “tour guides” to keep jurors from losing focus.

Still, virtual reality is definitely a technology to be on the lookout for.

Trump reshapes federal judiciary

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump is remaking the federal judiciary through conservative appellate court appointments.

President Donald Trump is making good on at least one campaign promise. He is shifting the federal judiciary sharply to the right.

The New York Times reports that, in addition to his high-profile appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Trump is stacking appellate courts with conservatives as part of a strategy at work since the beginning of his presidency.

The Times reports that Donald F. McGahn, who will soon take office as White House Counsel, met with a group of lawyers last year and filled a whiteboard with the names of young, conservative judges. Since then, Trump has been moving to appoint those judges to appellate court vacancies.

Here’s the Times:

Mr. McGahn, instructed by Mr. Trump to maximize the opportunity to reshape the judiciary, mapped out potential nominees and a strategy, according to two people familiar with the effort: Start by filling vacancies on appeals courts with multiple openings and where Democratic senators up for re-election next year in states won by Mr. Trump — like Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania — could be pressured not to block his nominees. And to speed them through confirmation, avoid clogging the Senate with too many nominees for the district courts, where legal philosophy is less crucial.

Nearly a year later, that plan is coming to fruition. Mr. Trump has already appointed eight appellate judges, the most this early in a presidency since Richard M. Nixon, and on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to send a ninth appellate nominee — Mr. Trump’s deputy White House counsel, Gregory Katsas — to the floor.

Republicans are systematically filling appellate seats they held open during President Barack Obama’s final two years in office with a particularly conservative group of judges with life tenure. Democrats — who in late 2013 abolished the ability of 41 lawmakers to block such nominees with a filibuster, then quickly lost control of the Senate — have scant power to stop them.

For unmatched quality in court reporting, check out CourtScribes.

Samsung out of options in Apple patent case after Supreme Court decision

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Supreme Court

The Supreme Court refused to hear Samsung’s appeal in a patent battle with Apple.

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided not to hear Samsung’s appeal of a lower court ruling ordering it to pony up for violating Apple patents.

Samsung and Apple have been slugging it out over smartphone patents for years. But the refusal by the Supreme Court may put an end to at least this front in the companies’ wars.

Engadget reports:

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear Samsung’s appeal in the case, upholding a circuit court decision reinstating a $120 million penalty for allegedly infringing on Apple’s patents for technology like slide-to-unlock and autocorrecting text. Samsung had argued that the lower court didn’t consider additional legal material, and supposedly changed laws for both issuing injunctions and invalidating patents.

We’ve asked Samsung for its response to the Supreme Court decision. At first glance, though, it looks like this may be the end of the road for this particular case: Samsung doesn’t exactly have other courts to turn to.

The amount is trivial, of course — $120 million would barely make a dent in Samsung’s $12.91 billion profit from last quarter. Rather, it’s more about the symbolism of having to pay in the first place. The company has been fighting (and serving) phone patent lawsuits for most of this decade, and it doesn’t want the saga to end in defeat.

Reuters reports that while Samsung may have lost this round, it has won previously:

The Supreme Court in December 2016 sided with Samsung in a separate case over its fight with Apple. In that one, the justices threw out a $399 million damages award against Samsung to its American rival for copying key iPhone designs.

A judge in California in October ordered a new trial over damages in that case.

The current appeal stems from a May 2014 verdict by a jury in federal court in San Jose, California ordering Samsung to pay $119.6 million for using the Apple features without permission. Infringement of the quick links feature accounted for nearly $99 million of the damages.

If you need a verbatim record of your next proceedings, contact CourtScribes.

U.S. court sides with Google in Canadian censorship case

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Google censorship

A U.S. court has sided with Google in a Canadian censorship case.

A Federal issued a temporary injunction last week against a Canadian Supreme Court ruling that would have required Google to remove links from its worldwide search results.

Judge Edward Davila’s wrote that the Canadian high court’s ruling that Google had to remove links not just in Canada but worldwide, “undermines the policy goals of Section 230 [of the US Communications Decency Act] and threatens free speech on the global internet.”

The Canadian courts had ruled that Google should remove the links after a British Columbia-based company sued the tech giant. ZDNet reports:

The ruling pertains to the case Google v. Equustek, which started with a 2011 complaint from the company Equustek Solutions. The British Columbia firm charged that a group of Equustek distributors (known as the Datalink defendants) were selling counterfeit Equustek products online.

Datalink continued to sell these goods globally, even after the court ordered it to stop, prompting Equustek to ask Google to intervene. Google initially de-indexed 345 specific webpages associated with Datalink on

Equustek then sought an injunction to stop Google from displaying any part of the Datalink websites on any of its search results worldwide. A lower court granted the injunction, and the Canadian Supreme Court upheld it. The ruling’s global implications elicited concern from freedom of speech advocates.

Google asked the U.S. District Court for Northern California to intervene, calling the Canadian court’s ruling repugnant to rights established by the First Amendment. According to ZDNet:

Now that the US District Court has intervened, Google can seek a permanent injunction and ask the Canadian court to modify its original order, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

University of Ottawa Law Professor Michael Geist, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, wrote on Friday that the US ruling “is precisely what critics of the Supreme Court ruling feared with the prospect of conflicting rulings, protracted litigation, and legal uncertainty becoming a reality.”

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