FREE-Secure-24/7 Access To Your Transcripts and Exhibits


The process for Judges
  • Judges simply dial into a pre-scheduled and hosted conference call
  • CourtScribes manages all participants and facilitates the transition between cases
  • Operators ensure participants are muted and attorneys on requested cases are ready in advance of the Judge
  • Late joining attorneys are greeted and introduced without interrupting the proceedings already underway
  • CourtScribes operators can also assist attorneys in sharing exhibits with the Judge
  • Operators are able to connect the Judge to breakout rooms for a private discussion with attorneys
  • CourtScribes informs judicial assistants in advance of all attorneys requesting a remote appearance
  • CourtScribes handles testing, technical support, user inquiries and enhanced security
  • Judge participation is discretionary

How Judges and Public Benefit
  • Best practice in COVID-19 response
  • Clerks and judicial assistants are free from call management tasks
  • Easier to schedule attorney appearances
  • Reduce the cost of litigation
  • More seats available in the courtroom
  • Greater public access
  • Good for the environment
  • Revenue sharing available for Courts