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Judge faces Legal Troubles Due to Inadequate Court Recordings

Posted on: March 28th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Every good court reporter takes their job very seriously. Why? It’s about more than getting a paycheck, it’s about the countless people that depend on court reporters for their accuracy and efficiency every single day. Here’s what happened when a Detroit judge decided to use inaccurate court recordings. 

What Happened

An official complaint was filed against Judge Kahlilia Davis after it was found that she had been holding court proceedings without recording them properly. While some of the proceedings were recorded incorrectly, others were posted online. 

Judge Kahlilia Davis held court proceedings without recording the hearings correctly, an act that represents a serious misuse of power. It also represents a brazen disregard for ethical conduct in the courtroom.  

What Were the Consequences?

When a U.S. judge is implicated for deliberately interfering with the recording of court proceedings, there are consequences. In this case, a complaint against Judge Kahlilia Davis was filed by the  Judicial Tenure Commission. 

There have been calls for disciplinary action, however, whether any disciplinary action will be taken or not depends on an upcoming decision from the Michigan Supreme Court.

While there may be consequences for Judge Kahlilia Davis, others have already felt the sting from the consequences of her actions. Numerous rulings were made without properly recorded hearings. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of pure and accurate court reporting. The fates of countless individuals depend on accurate court reporting. 

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Curious Facts About Court Reporters

Posted on: March 21st, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Many people don’t really think about what it takes to be a court reporter until they either go into the industry themselves or need to rely on one during a deposition. Court reporters might work in the background, but the work they do helps legal professionals who are at the forefront of virtually every court case. Here are some curious facts about court reporters. 

They Have Specialized Equipment

One of the first things you should know about court reporters is how fast they can type. Most professional court reporters are expected to type at speeds of 180-220 words per minute. Now that’s fast!

You should also know that court reporters don’t type on traditional QWERTY keyboards. Instead, they use a specialized keyboard with 22 keys. The keyboard is divided into two halves, one for fingers on the right and one for the fingers on the left. This design helps court reporters type faster and more comfortably. 

They Save People the Trouble of Generating Settled Statements

Without a court reporter to record everything that has been said throughout a trial or deposition, legal teams would have to resort to generating settled statements. A settled statement is a term for a document representing oral court proceedings. 

While it’s ultimately approved by a trial court judge, both parties can contest the document multiple times which can cause court cases to drag on unnecessarily. This is one of many reasons why it’s so important to have a court reporter on hand.  

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What Happens When a Court Reporter Makes a Mistake

Posted on: March 14th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

A good court reporter prides themself on their accuracy and eye for detail. Everyone makes mistakes, but in the court reporting industry, there simply isn’t any room for error. One simple mistake can throw an entire court case off course. Here’s what can happen when a court reporter makes a mistake and why you should partner with CourtScribes. 

How Bad Can it Be?

If you’re wondering how bad it can be when a court reporter makes a simple mistake, the answer is, pretty bad. One incident involving a court reporter who lost the record of the entire case due to a computer virus threw a murder trial completely off course. As a result, they had to hold a new trial because the court reporter had lost their records from the original trial.  

One court reporter compromised at least 30 cases after misrepresenting things that had been said throughout the trial as pure gibberish. The court reporter continuously typed gibberish in favor of the actual dialogue. Although they were subsequently fired, the damage they caused to each individual case was monumental. 

Accuracy is one of the things that people depend on court reporters for in the first place. One of the most important responsibilities of any court reporter is to ensure an accurate record of everything that has been said throughout the duration of the case. 

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What the Court Stenographer Shortage Means for You

Posted on: March 7th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

There has been a serious court reporter shortage since the early months of the pandemic of COVID-19. That shortage has yet to be corrected as many litigators are still struggling to find qualified court reporters, stenographers, and videographers to fill the demand. Here’s what the ongoing court reporter shortage means for you. 


What the Court Reporter Shortage Means for Litigators

One of the most tangible effects of the current shortage of court reporters that litigators have noticed is how much longer it takes to arrange a deposition. In the past, you could get a hold of a court reporter the day before a deposition, but it’s not that easy these days. 

At this point, most litigators have started issuing requests to court reporters in advance which means depositions need to be scheduled much earlier. Another problem is the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for litigators to find court reporters that are reliable. With many of the best people in the profession already booked solid and fewer people coming out of stenography schools successfully, litigators are feeling the strain.  

What’s Causing the Shortage?

Several things are causing the shortage of court reporters that litigators are currently experiencing. For one thing, there simply aren’t enough of them, and to make matters worse, it takes four years of education to become a court reporter.

Worse yet, the success rate for people going into stenography school is extremely low which slows down the trickle of new court reporters entering the workforce

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