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What Happens When a Court Reporter Makes a Mistake

A good court reporter prides themself on their accuracy and eye for detail. Everyone makes mistakes, but in the court reporting industry, there simply isn’t any room for error. One simple mistake can throw an entire court case off course. Here’s what can happen when a court reporter makes a mistake and why you should partner with CourtScribes. 

How Bad Can it Be?

If you’re wondering how bad it can be when a court reporter makes a simple mistake, the answer is, pretty bad. One incident involving a court reporter who lost the record of the entire case due to a computer virus threw a murder trial completely off course. As a result, they had to hold a new trial because the court reporter had lost their records from the original trial.  

One court reporter compromised at least 30 cases after misrepresenting things that had been said throughout the trial as pure gibberish. The court reporter continuously typed gibberish in favor of the actual dialogue. Although they were subsequently fired, the damage they caused to each individual case was monumental. 

Accuracy is one of the things that people depend on court reporters for in the first place. One of the most important responsibilities of any court reporter is to ensure an accurate record of everything that has been said throughout the duration of the case. 

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Now that you know how bad it can be when a court reporter makes a mistake, you know the importance of working with a court reporter who can ensure accuracy to the point of perfection. CourtScribes features an expertly trained team of world-class professionals who understand the importance of total accuracy. 

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