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Who are you Using for your Remote Court Appearances and your Remote Depositions?

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The public health crisis known as the COVID-19 pandemic has made the court system take measures that have never been required before. Social distancing measures have been put into play and have made a lot of things that normally require in-person matters impossible. Remote systems have now been put into play that allow us to maintain this social distancing while also keeping up with the day-to-day court needs. However, for someone to conduct these remote court solutions, they need a company that supplies them with such. CourtScribes is proud to provide all matters of court reporting, along with videography and any remote court needs you require.


What are Remote Court Appearances?


Remote court appearances are required by many states to conduct court procedures. What this means, is that you will be speaking to your judge and attorney on an online platform such as Zoom. This will allow all the proceedings to take place for the court date. In order for this to work, the client, attorney and judge all require a system to deliver their online streaming service. CourtScribes provides remote court appearances to judges, attorneys and all other court participants. You need a system that is reliable and our team possess state-of-the-art videography technology.


What are Remote Depositions?


If you want your court proceeding to go successfully, you’re likely going to need depositions from any and all witnesses or peoples related to the case. A deposition is any information gathered from another person prior to the court date that will aid your in your case. However, with the coronavirus in play, these depositions are much more difficult to retrieve. Remote depositions are the exact same situation, but on an online streaming service just like the remote court appearances.

If you need a provider of remote court services, then contact Court Scribes today!



CourtScribes Provides 24/7 Online Access to your Private Online Repository

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CourtSribes if your go-to access for all of your court reporter, remote court access and online database needs. One of the biggest features is the 24/7 access to a private online repository that will hold all of your transcripts, exhibits and videos regardless of where you are. By using either a computer, tablet or smart phone, you can access all of your files on-demand. If you need the help of some of the most skilled court reporters in the business, then contact CourtScribes today!


What Type of Services does a Court Reporting Agency Provide?


CourtScribes takes pride in providing some of the most high-value skills many court reporting agencies don’t even possess. Here are some of the services that CourtScribes provides:

CourtScribes Covers Trials, Arbitrations, Depositions, Mediations and Hearings.


CourtScribes is a team of professionals dedicated to giving the highest quality service to judges, attorneys and all other court participants through their excellent court reporters and high-quality technology. With a plethora of professional-level recording systems, digitally based technology and high-quality video, they capture every moment of a case and store it in their cloud-based databank. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all over the nation, they have taken the extra step to provide all remote court needs. From scheduling, to recording and even video hosting, CourtScribes is here for all of your court reporter and remote court needs.

Attorney and Judge Remote Court Appearance Services

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In the midst of our national crisis, we have attempted to keep the court system in the most constant state of affairs possible. In order to keep the ball rolling in the courtroom, remote court appearances began. These different types of court appearances have allowed attorneys and judges to maintain their job and continue servicing the country in a court of law. Everyone’s health is of the upmost importance right now. Remote court has allowed social distancing to continue, while also keeping an efficient amount of cases circulating.


Limit the Public’s Exposure


This is the goal of remote court appearances. It is to limit the attorneys, judges, other law participants and the public from making any type of person-to-person contact. You may think that this has put a significant slow to the court system. However, with leaders in remote court appearance technology such as Court Scribes, the court systems have been trying to keep up on as many cases as possible. It is imperative that we all remain in safe areas while conducting the business required to keep things going during the temporary shutdown. CourtScribes offers remote court appearances to judges, remote court appearances to attorneys and remote court appearances to any other law participant needing the service.


CourtScribes is a Leader in Remote Court Technology


Court Scribes takes pride in possessing the leading technology for areas of court reporting and remote court appearances. With the highest quality audio recording technology, videography equipment that is reliable and well maintained and an online repository of all transcripts, exhibits and videos, you’ll be using our company’s resources with confidence.

The Court Scribes Remote Court Appearance service integrates 24/7 operator assisted support and remote technology to facilitate efficient and easy-to-use telephonic appearances at no cost to the Court. Our service provides flexibility and great cost savings for attorneys while helping courts with overcrowding issues and general efficiency.

For all appearances, including judge and attorney remote court appearances, contact Court Scribes today!

The Importance of a Court Reporter

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Technology has seen an increase of jobs being taken over by their mechanical counterparts. Some people believe that the court reporter may soon be one of the jobs that loses its value when this much technology is available. However, certain jobs, such as this one, requires a human quality to properly function.

The court reporter is the person in charge of making a verbatim legal record using a stenograph. Using this stenograph, they transcribe the court proceedings in shorthand. Instead of being replaced, the addition of audio technology allows a court reporter to now complete their job with even greater efficiency.


Efficiency and Reliability


When you’re looking at the reason for transferring to technology it usually comes down to whichever option is more efficient and reliable. So, we’ll have to go into a little detail about the necessity of the court reporter.

Audio technology has given people a way to record conversations in detailed manners. However, some things are unable to be recorded if there is a crossover in speech by multiple people. This means that there needs to be a human also recording everything being said in order to capture the full truth. Yes, technology has now given people a way to record, but this should mean that the occupation is now enhanced and requires training with audio recording technology on the side. This would be the most efficient and reliable way.


Can’t Take that Chance


Court reporters main focus is to record every single word that is uttered within the courtroom. All while differentiating between those who are speaking, and ignoring the background noises. One of the hardest situations is when two attorneys or legal participants speaking over each other. Audio technology has advanced to a much higher stage than its tape recorder predecessors. However, if there is any chance that this device may lose speech during a situation where two people are speaking over each other, then that entire passage of speech has been lost to case. This especially matters if there is an appeal to the case. In other words, until it is perfect, we can’t take that chance.

What does it Take to be a Court Reporter?

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Court reporting is a career that takes a lot of training to be able to efficiently capture recordings and information during a court proceeding. Regardless how advanced technology will become in the future, a third person outside party without bias recording an entire proceeding will always be sought after. However, what exactly does it take to become a Court Reporter? What are the qualifications, skills required and duties of a Court Reporter and how does one succeed as a student of court reporting in a scholastic and employment situation? We’ll break down these questions below.


Qualifications of a Court Reporter


To record the proceedings within a court of law, one must go through diligent training. Most people are going to require some type of educational background such as a degree in Court Reporting. If not a degree, then a certificate is required in most states. This scholastic training will cover large amounts of English grammar, legal terminology and the procedures that happen within a court environment. The most important skills for a court reporter to have are the abilities to be accurate and detailed. All transcripts must remain extremely precise to the cause. Being able to follow dialogues and understand most accents also helps in trials.


Working with Court Reporting Technology


Modern court reporting technology has launched the industry in a much more reliable manner. With videography and audio recording technologies, court proceedings are being recorded with much better precision. Videography allows the proceedings to be recorded for future viewings. Also, with multiple channel audio recording technology, that will break apart the audio channels of different voices so that nothing will interfere. When you’re looking for a court reporting company that has state-of-the-art technology for all areas of court proceedings, then contact CourtScribes. CourtScribes uses their leading-edge technology with their old-fashioned responsibility to bring their clients the best of both worlds.