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Court reporting is a career that takes a lot of training to be able to efficiently capture recordings and information during a court proceeding. Regardless how advanced technology will become in the future, a third person outside party without bias recording an entire proceeding will always be sought after. However, what exactly does it take to become a Court Reporter? What are the qualifications, skills required and duties of a Court Reporter and how does one succeed as a student of court reporting in a scholastic and employment situation? We’ll break down these questions below.


Qualifications of a Court Reporter


To record the proceedings within a court of law, one must go through diligent training. Most people are going to require some type of educational background such as a degree in Court Reporting. If not a degree, then a certificate is required in most states. This scholastic training will cover large amounts of English grammar, legal terminology and the procedures that happen within a court environment. The most important skills for a court reporter to have are the abilities to be accurate and detailed. All transcripts must remain extremely precise to the cause. Being able to follow dialogues and understand most accents also helps in trials.


Working with Court Reporting Technology


Modern court reporting technology has launched the industry in a much more reliable manner. With videography and audio recording technologies, court proceedings are being recorded with much better precision. Videography allows the proceedings to be recorded for future viewings. Also, with multiple channel audio recording technology, that will break apart the audio channels of different voices so that nothing will interfere. When you’re looking for a court reporting company that has state-of-the-art technology for all areas of court proceedings, then contact CourtScribes. CourtScribes uses their leading-edge technology with their old-fashioned responsibility to bring their clients the best of both worlds.