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Attorney and Judge Remote Court Appearance Services


In the midst of our national crisis, we have attempted to keep the court system in the most constant state of affairs possible. In order to keep the ball rolling in the courtroom, remote court appearances began. These different types of court appearances have allowed attorneys and judges to maintain their job and continue servicing the country in a court of law. Everyone’s health is of the upmost importance right now. Remote court has allowed social distancing to continue, while also keeping an efficient amount of cases circulating.


Limit the Public’s Exposure


This is the goal of remote court appearances. It is to limit the attorneys, judges, other law participants and the public from making any type of person-to-person contact. You may think that this has put a significant slow to the court system. However, with leaders in remote court appearance technology such as Court Scribes, the court systems have been trying to keep up on as many cases as possible. It is imperative that we all remain in safe areas while conducting the business required to keep things going during the temporary shutdown. CourtScribes offers remote court appearances to judges, remote court appearances to attorneys and remote court appearances to any other law participant needing the service.


CourtScribes is a Leader in Remote Court Technology


Court Scribes takes pride in possessing the leading technology for areas of court reporting and remote court appearances. With the highest quality audio recording technology, videography equipment that is reliable and well maintained and an online repository of all transcripts, exhibits and videos, you’ll be using our company’s resources with confidence.

The Court Scribes Remote Court Appearance service integrates 24/7 operator assisted support and remote technology to facilitate efficient and easy-to-use telephonic appearances at no cost to the Court. Our service provides flexibility and great cost savings for attorneys while helping courts with overcrowding issues and general efficiency.

For all appearances, including judge and attorney remote court appearances, contact Court Scribes today!