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Making a Court Appearance Remotely

Not everyone chooses to make a physical appearance in court. Remote court appearances have become increasingly common, especially since the dawn of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Making court appearances remotely can be advantageous at times. That said, court reporters and their technology make it possible to hold court proceedings remotely. Here’s what people should know about remote court appearances and how professional court reporters fit into the process. 

What to Expect at a Remote Court Appearance

Court reporters that are familiar with modern technologies can help legal professionals conduct court hearings virtually. If you’ve been required to appear in court outside of your local jurisdiction, you should expect to be in a different courtroom than what you’re used to.

When attending a court hearing virtually, you won’t have to look up the address of the courthouse or district where you’re appearing. While you may be required to appear before a judge, you will likely not be required to meet with a jury. 

The standard of proof required in a court hearing, the burden of proof, is likely to be the same burden of proof needed in your local jurisdiction. What this means is that you should expect to be required to provide evidence and explain your case to the judge and jury. 

You may be questioned by the judge during the hearing, and you will likely be expected to answer the judge’s questions. This may feel intimidating at first, but it is very important that you remain calm and respectful. You should answer the questions to the best of your ability and let the judge take the lead during the hearing.

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