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What it’s Like to Be a Court Reporter

Court reporters are in demand as the shortage continues to put a strain on legal professionals looking for reliable court reporting services. If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a court reporter, you’ll want to check this out! Here’s what you should know about what being a court reporter is like. 

Understanding What it’s Like to Be a Court Reporter

Being a court reporter takes a lot of work. It takes skill, dedication, and patience to be a good court reporter. Without these qualities, most people don’t last long in the court reporting industry. One of the biggest challenges of being a court reporter is the stress. Imagine the stress of having to type out what people are saying in court and on the stand. 

Capturing everything they say word-for-word with total accuracy is incredibly challenging. It takes a certain kind of individual to have the professionalism, speed, and mental capacity to record everyone’s responses accurately in real-time. 

A good court reporter has to have exceptional listening skills. They encounter a vast variety of different accents and dialects. Furthermore, they have to record the statements that are given as accurately as possible which can be difficult considering the many different ways that people talk. Some people speak quietly and are hard to hear, others talk very fast and are hard to keep up with. Court reporters encounter all kinds of people and they have to record them all to the best of their abilities. 

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