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Who are you Using for your Remote Court Appearances and your Remote Depositions?

  The public health crisis known as the COVID-19 pandemic has made the court system take measures that have never been required before. Social distancing measures have been put into play and have made a lot of things that normally require in-person matters impossible. Remote systems have now been put into play that allow us […]

Attorney and Judge Remote Court Appearance Services

  In the midst of our national crisis, we have attempted to keep the court system in the most constant state of affairs possible. In order to keep the ball rolling in the courtroom, remote court appearances began. These different types of court appearances have allowed attorneys and judges to maintain their job and continue […]

COVID-19 Increasing Demand for Remote Court Appearances All Over the Country

  As the country is beginning to reopen in the attempt of returning to life and living with the virus, there are still many constraints on distancing and self-safety. In order to preserve life as much as possible, most environments that are still able to function in a remote setting are requiring to do so. […]

Remote Court Appearances & Remote Depositions

  CourtScribes knows it’s difficult in these times to find resources willing to aid you in any lawful manner. However, we are offering the best remote depositions and remote court appearances available! COVID-19 is bringing some difficult times upon the United States. That doesn’t stop the court system. In these situations, you still need depositions […]