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COVID-19 Increasing Demand for Remote Court Appearances All Over the Country


As the country is beginning to reopen in the attempt of returning to life and living with the virus, there are still many constraints on distancing and self-safety. In order to preserve life as much as possible, most environments that are still able to function in a remote setting are requiring to do so. All over the United States there are courts requiring that all cases be transmitted through the modern courtroom, Remote Court Appearances. Courtrooms are some of the most compact and difficult places to properly follow all social distancing guidelines. Court Scribes is proud to represent attorneys, judges and other participants in all Remote Court Appearances for the safety of all!


Technology Bringing the Courtroom to you


IT professionals are capable of bringing a courtroom to wherever you may be. Although we still do recommend wearing proper formal attire for appearing in a court, you can conduct these cases from the comfort of your own home. Not only that, but companies such as Court Scribes, will allow you to have an online portal for all videos, audio files, depositions and full text court reporting for the proceedings. Attorneys are able to conduct all matters civil, criminal and any type of litigation from their own office. Using your phone, computer or whatever your desired device for Remote Court Appearances.


Benefits of Remote Court Appearances


These practices are going to increase the capability of our court officials in all aspects of life. Long-term results may even find that remote court appearances bring about quicker and more reliable results. Complete video copies of all court proceedings are easily made with recording technology. No travel is required of any participant. Also, this completely eliminates all forms of violating social distancing. The largest two issues with currently attending an in-person court proceeding would be the waiting room and the court room itself. With Court Scribes’ availability to give all attorneys, judges and other law participants a platform for remote court appearances, it will be difficult for people to return to the older mundane way of conducting trials.