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Four Reasons To Hire A Skilled Court Reporting Service

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Professional court reporting services like Court Scribes are an important part of any trial, a fact that attorneys recognize.

Conservative Daily News recently listed several benefits of hiring a skilled court reporting service:


Court reporters have to complete training that gives them the necessary knowledge and skills they need to provide their services in a courtroom. Most professional court reporters complete a two-year training course.

Miami court reporters

Experienced court reporters and stenographers have a good famliarity with legal documents, legal terms, and how court cases progress. They also are comfortable dealing with interruptions, delays, and background noise that are often associated with most depositions.

Peace of mind

Hiring a reliable court reporting agency will help the lawyer run the case smoothly, eliminating stress and headaches. A skilled court reporting agency will  handle all logistics and any last-minute.

Court reporters have a strong understanding of the importance of confidentiality and with the concept of neutrality. They understand they must always behave as an unbiased third party.

Prompt services

Agencies like Court Scribes that offer professional court reporting services, deposition services, and transcription have experience dealing with the needs of different attorneys and services are very efficient and reliable.

High level of accuracy

Court reporting services like Court Scribes have the background and experience to produce high-quality, accurate transcripts thanks to the cutting-edge technology they use and the quality people they employ.

CourtScribes uses professional-level recording systems to bring the most sophisticated digital technology into the private marketplace and provide the highest quality transcripts.

The company uses computer-based digital systems with enhanced features that perform recording functions with convenience, flexibility, and economy.

Electronic recording equipment is overseen by an experienced reporter at all times. The reporter simultaneously takes notes that are time-linked to the corresponding recording, so people involved with the case can instantly find the point in the record where they want to re-listen.

Court Reporters Aren’t The Only Ones Who Need To Embrace Tech

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Legal firms embrace technology.

Technology seems to be changing every aspect of the legal system, from court reporting to law offices. In fact, some court reporting firms such as CourtScribes are leading the way in technology, and some law offices need to do some catching up.

A recent article in LawFuel outlines some of the reasons lawyers need to jump aboard the tech bandwagon. Here’s a look at a few of those reasons.

Clients expect cost savings

Technology is helping to drive down the cost and increase the quality of many services. We’ve found that to be true for court reporting, and it’s also true for lawyers.

According to LawFuel, “Customers know that technology is creating savings in time and money for lawyers and they expect those savings to be passed on. Clients want to experience the savings. The expectation from clients is that they want to see their lawyers doing the heavy lifting, but don’t want to pay for routine work.”

Accuracy is more important than ever

As CourtScribes shows in court reporting with its capacity for creating accurate, verbatim records combined with video and cloud technology, the demands for excellence only grow with technological improvements.

“When your clients have the whole internet at their fingertips they will have higher expectations for you. In a world where knowledge is everywhere, it’s important to preserve high standards of accuracy and precision,” the LawFuel editors write.

Technology doesn’t mean just one thing

CourtScribes has embraced a range of technology in order to become a leader in court reporting. Lawyers who want to be successful in the current age need to do something very similar.

According to LawFuel, “The future of technology is speculative, but rapidly changing, and all successful firms need to leverage technology in the delivery of legal services – predictive analytics in law, rule systems, matter standards in law firms, legal education reform, and customer perspectives.”

Artificial Intelligence Makes Inroads On Legal Profession

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Artificial intelligence is making inroads in the legal profession.

A recent experiment sheds light on the changes technology has in store for the legal profession. In this case, artificial intelligence bested lawyers in one aspect of legal work.

According to Mashable:

A new study, conducted by legal AI platform LawGeex in consultation with law professors from Stanford University, Duke University School of Law, and University of Southern California, pitted twenty experienced lawyers against an AI trained to evaluate legal contracts.

Competitors were given four hours to review five non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and identify 30 legal issues, including arbitration, confidentiality of relationship, and indemnification. They were scored by how accurately they identified each issue.
Unfortunately for humanity, we lost the competition — badly.
Human lawyers were 85 percent accurate, while the machines were 95 percent accurate. The technology was also way faster, taking 26 seconds to complete their task, while humans took 92 minutes.
All that isn’t actually bad news for humans. “Having the AI do a first review of an NDA, much like having a paralegal issue spot, would free up valuable time for lawyers to focus on client counseling and other higher-value work,” said Erika Buell, clinical professor at Duke University School of Law.
In fact, attorneys are already using AI in the real world to enhance their work, according to Small Firm Central.
Small Firm Central reports:
If you envision some kind of futuristic world with robots running the show, you’re thinking way too far into the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already here. In our everyday lives – and in our professional lives. It’s prevalent in the workflows of legal professionals everywhere, not only helping automate common tasks to make our jobs easier and more efficient, but also helping us practice law more confidently, allowing us to provide better service to our clients. Here are five ways AI is being used in the legal industry today.

Technology Will Aid Court Reporters, Not Replace Them

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Court reporting agency

Court reporting agency CourtScribes combines competence with tech prowess.

Technological disruption can spark justifiable fear for jobs in any industry. But it can also be a huge boon, as is the case for court reporters.

That’s because, despite major technological breakthroughs by companies such as court reporting agency CourtScribes, the demand for traditional courtroom stenography remains strong at the same time tech helps drive service improvements.

As Los Angeles business writer Jesse Caitland writes:

Thanks to the increase of litigation in the fields of business law, medical malpractice, probate law and other areas of practice, the sheer volume of requests for deposition experts has increased in a corresponding number as the American economy grows. This means that court reporting firms large and small, are experiencing a sort of renaissance…

While developments like automatic checkout (without the presence of a cashier) and electronic banking, have heavily negatively impacted the job force, forcing many people to look for new careers, the legal professions as diverse as expert witnesses, videographers, stenographers, marketers and others have all experienced a steady and improved series of workload increases.

No firm better exemplifies the combination of traditional services with cutting edge technology than CourtScribes.

Professor and entrepreneur Barry Unger writes: “As a cofounder of Kurzweil Computer Products, Inc., an early artificial intelligence and digital imaging company which then became Xerox Imaging Systems, I saw first-hand the enormous positive impact of what is now called digital photography, and how this new capability has both improved the quality of photography and equally importantly opened up active photography to a much bigger audience and to new uses. Think for example how many of the countless unforeseen ways we now on a regular basis use the electronic cameras built into our phones to communicate with each other and facilitate our work flow, and even recording images like damage to our cars or receipts for expense reports or to identify items for purchase, or to make video calls around the world, and how integral video recording is becoming to law enforcement activities. This of course is the impact disruptive technologies can have. Looking at the already successful implementations of CourtScribes’ technology and internet based service, I can see an analogous type of phenomenon beginning to happen in the legal industry, where court reporting and videography will become a new standard, a “no-brainer” as it were.”

Tech Savvy Court Reporting Agency Helps Usher Attorneys Into Digital Age

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court reporting agency

Technological advances are changing the legal system and court reporting agency CourtScribes is at the forefront.

Lawyers are not well-known for their embrace of digital technology. Still, slowly but surely, the legal profession is changing, helped along by pioneers like Florida court reporting agency CourtScribes.

The digital disruption of the legal system can be seen in everything from the way evidence is presented to how CourtScribes uses technology to enhance traditional courtroom stenography.

According to The Expert Insitute:

The formal, ceremonious nature of the law has never been synonymous with advanced technology and electronics. Even in as late as 2010, only 20 percent of attorneys surveyed by the American Bar Association reported using a laptop for courtroom presentations. However, in recent years, attorneys both in and out of the courtroom have been slowly but surely adapting to the digital age and utilizing certain computer technologies to assist in their case. After all, in only the past five years, there has been a 484% increase in global patent filings for new legal services technology.

Companies like court reporting agency CourtScribes are playing a large role in the digital transformation of the legal industry. Thanks to video, cloud computing and Internet communications technology, CourtScribes is able to provide an expanded suite of services that includes traditional stenography, but also video feeds and other services.

Entrepreneur and professor Barry Unger, in a white paper, writes that the court reporting agency is leading a wave of change to disrupt the centuries-old profession.

Unger writes: “CourtScribes is changing the court reporting industry by using Internet age technology to create the official record of court proceedings, using remote transcriptionists and charging attorneys up to 50% less than what they now pay, and as … a disruptive technology will not only improve the quality of services, but also ultimately extend and even democratize the use of services that are today often restricted only to high profile or high dollar value cases.”

If The Miami Court Reporters Of CourtScribes Can Innovate, So Can Lawyers

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Miami court reporters

The Miami court reporters of CourtScribes embrace innovation in ways lawyers should as well.

Innovation is a key to improving the legal system, something the Miami court reporters of CourtScribes have taken to heart and other players are learning.

Ivy Grey writes in Evolve The Law that lawyers need to embrace innovation themselves:

Too many lawyers with great ideas that could improve legal practice are discouraged from even trying to innovate. As lawyers, we assume that innovation must mean invention, technology, and programming. By accepting that assumption, we are accepting the belief that innovation is something that other people do. But that’s not true. Innovation can be any new process or new way of thinking — and that can be game changing. Innovating is for lawyers, and lawyers already have the skills to be innovators. No coding necessary.

Who could be better to find innovative ways to solve our client’s problems than us? Let’s put lawyers back in the mix of innovating for a better future of legal practice. We can do that by expanding our concept of what it means to innovate and who can be an innovator.

We believe that we’re incapable of solving our own problems because most of us aren’t programmers. But the legal profession is missing out on untold new ideas — and diversity — because we allow the assumption that the ability to program is a prerequisite for innovation to thrive. This assumption means we get caught up in technology and miss innovations and possibilities right in front of us.

The Miami court reporters of CourtScribes is on the leading edge of innovation within the legal system.

While CourtScribes offers traditional courtroom stenography, it adds high tech audio, cloud-based services and courtroom video to the mix in a way that increases accuracy while decreasing cost.

Entrepreneur and professor Barry Unger, in a white paper, writes that the court reporting agency is leading a wave of change to disrupt the centuries-old profession.

Unger writes: “CourtScribes is changing the court reporting industry by using Internet age technology to create the official record of court proceedings, using remote transcriptionists and charging attorneys up to 50% less than what they now pay, and as … a disruptive technology will not only improve the quality of services, but also ultimately extend and even democratize the use of services that are today often restricted only to high profile or high dollar value cases.”

Miami Court Reporters News: The Tech Behind Bitcoin Could Have Big Impact On Legal Profession

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Miami Court Reporters

The digital revolution led by people like the Miami court reporters of CourtScribes includes blockchain.

The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin has the potential to shake up the legal profession. It’s all part of a digital revolution led by pioneers like the Miami court reporters of CourtScribes.

From instruments of finance to contracts, tracking commodities, and real estate, blockchain technology has implications that go far beyond bitcoin.

According to Bloomberg:

“You don’t need to be doing initial coin offerings or issuing tokens to benefit from the blockchain,” Judith Rinearson, a partner in K&L Gates’ New York and London offices, told Bloomberg Law. Rinearson is leading an initiative at her firm that aims to eventually build an internal blockchain, which could be used in time-keeping, filing deeds, and handling merger and acquisition transactions, she said.

Blockchain—known as the technology underpinning bitcoin—allows for records of transactions to be kept on a digital ledger and shared by everyone in the network. There are multiple blockchains, and the Ethereum blockchain introduced a feature called “smart contract” that allows coded programs to act upon predefined triggers.

Blockchain technology is now being used to build tools and infrastructure that help lawyers draft contracts, record commercial transactions, and verify legal documents. Two examples of such tools and infrastructure are OpenLaw and Integra Ledger. OpenLaw allows lawyers to automatically generate legal agreements and embed smart contracts that can be executed on the blockchain. Integra Ledger provides a permissioned blockchain to increase the integrity of legal documents.

Those kinds of tools could help reduce time and money spent on mundane tasks.

It’s also part of a continuum of digital changes to the legal profession meant to introduce more efficiency and greater accuracy while driving down costs. The Miami court reporters of CourtScribes are also on that continuum.

CourtScribes delivers both a complete range of standard court reporting services as well as advanced, high value services not available from other court reporting companies. In addition to the certified transcript, CourtScribes provides live & on-demand video streaming of trial proceedings for enhanced trial team support. CourtScribes covers trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings.