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Court Reporters Aren’t The Only Ones Who Need To Embrace Tech


Legal firms embrace technology.

Technology seems to be changing every aspect of the legal system, from court reporting to law offices. In fact, some court reporting firms such as CourtScribes are leading the way in technology, and some law offices need to do some catching up.

A recent article in LawFuel outlines some of the reasons lawyers need to jump aboard the tech bandwagon. Here’s a look at a few of those reasons.

Clients expect cost savings

Technology is helping to drive down the cost and increase the quality of many services. We’ve found that to be true for court reporting, and it’s also true for lawyers.

According to LawFuel, “Customers know that technology is creating savings in time and money for lawyers and they expect those savings to be passed on. Clients want to experience the savings. The expectation from clients is that they want to see their lawyers doing the heavy lifting, but don’t want to pay for routine work.”

Accuracy is more important than ever

As CourtScribes shows in court reporting with its capacity for creating accurate, verbatim records combined with video and cloud technology, the demands for excellence only grow with technological improvements.

“When your clients have the whole internet at their fingertips they will have higher expectations for you. In a world where knowledge is everywhere, it’s important to preserve high standards of accuracy and precision,” the LawFuel editors write.

Technology doesn’t mean just one thing

CourtScribes has embraced a range of technology in order to become a leader in court reporting. Lawyers who want to be successful in the current age need to do something very similar.

According to LawFuel, “The future of technology is speculative, but rapidly changing, and all successful firms need to leverage technology in the delivery of legal services – predictive analytics in law, rule systems, matter standards in law firms, legal education reform, and customer perspectives.”