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The job of a court reporter is nothing short of fascinating. After all, you’re there to record everything that happens in the courtroom, even as it may be happening right in front of your eyes. That said, it can be quite stressful, and many court reporters find it hard to remain focused throughout the day.

While it is important to have a court reporter who is attentive and focused during an official proceeding, it is just as important that the court reporter can stay focused during the entirety of the proceeding. This means that your court reporter should be able to stay on task when they are taking down notes, answering questions, and interacting with other individuals involved in the proceeding. 

The most common reason for a court reporter to become distracted during an official proceeding is because they are being interrupted by other individuals in the courtroom. If you have to ask a question or make a comment about something that has been said, there should be no excuse for your court reporter to stop what they are doing just because someone else has entered the room. 

As the client, you should never have to remind your court reporter not to be distracted by other individuals in the courtroom or to remain focused on their job throughout the entirety of the proceeding. A professional court reporter should be perfectly capable of remaining undistracted on their own.

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One of the biggest problems with court reporting as a profession is that it can be very distracting. Court reporters are often working in a busy environment with many things going on around them. That can make it difficult to stay focused, especially when something interesting happens in the courtroom.

When working as a court reporter, one needs to be able to focus 100% of the time. If a court reporter gets distracted by anything, they risk missing important details that could change the outcome of a case.CourtScribes has a team of focused professionals that don’t get distracted. When you want a court reporter that won’t get bogged down by common distractions, you want CourtScribes. 


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