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Why CourtScribes Is the Ultimate Court Reporting Solution for Judges

As a Judge, you have probably worked with plenty of different court reporters before. CourtScribes has established itself as one of the most professional court reporting solutions for Judges and attorneys alike. Here’s an overview of some of the many benefits you’ll get from working with us as a Judge. 

The Practical Advantages of Working with Us

When attending a conference call, you can just dial in and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you’re on the call we will manage all of the participants to facilitate seamless transitions throughout the call.

You don’t have to be particularly tech-savvy to attend a conference call with our system. We will keep a perfectly accurate record of everything that transpires during the call for the convenience of the Court. 

By choosing CourtScribes, you’ll have the kind of peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is recorded both accurately and professionally. Clerks and judicial assistants will enjoy lighter workloads, leaving them free to invest their energies into the completion of more important tasks as they will have fewer call management responsibilities. 

We Can Help You Slow the Spread of COVID While Preserving the Environment

The pandemic has started to wind down, but it’s far from over. Judges that are concerned about spreading COVID through large physical gatherings inside the courthouse can count on CourtScribes as a virtual alternative.

Virtual meetings and conference calls are also good for the environment as fewer people will have to drive to the courthouse for each and every meeting.    

Reduce Litigation Costs and Maximize Productivity With CourtScribes!

Finally, you should also know that we offer revenue-sharing options for the Courts we work with. If you want exceptional service, accuracy, and efficiency while driving litigation costs down, you’ll want to give the team at CourtScribes a call and see what we can do for you. 

It’s time to experience the benefits of working with CourtScribes for yourself, call today!