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Who is CourtScribes

courtscribes_videoWe here at CourtScribes want to explain to those reading excatly what we do and how our services work. It is important that one is informed well before making an important choice for their court records and needs. Sensitive information hinges on it.

For starters, CourtScribes uses professional-level recording systems and digitally based technology to create a record of legal proceedings. For years and years, this method has been successful in court reporting in federal, state, and local jurisdictions. The United States Supreme Court uses digital reporting exclusively to capture and preserve historic public records.

CourtScribes is bringing highly sophisticated digital technology into the marketplace to provide the highest quality transcripts. Their court reporting includes two elements:

The electronic court reporter who oversees the process.

The sound recording process itself.

CourtScribes uses computer-based digital systems that perform recording functions that have enhanced features, added convenience, flexibility, and are economical. We offer high-quality video as well.


Key features include:


  • Equipment and Reporter Working Together. The entire time, the electronic recording equipment is overseen by an experienced reporter. Simultaneously they will take notes regarding the proceedings. These digital annotations are time-linked to the corresponding recording, so one can go instantly to that point in the record to relisten to the actual testimony or review the accuracy of an interpreter’s translation.


  • Speaker Identification. The primary participants are assigned to separate, discrete sound channels. In this method, a typical four-channel system individually records the judge, witnesses, the plaintiff’s attorney, and the defendant’s attorney. When two or more parties overlap and talk at the same time, the digital reporting captures each voice clearly on its own separate sound channel.


  • Unobtrusive presence. CourtScribes reporters rarely, if ever, need to instruct speakers to slow down their testimony, or repeat it due to an accent or because complex terms are being used. The recording process captures all words exactly as spoken. Then in transcription, the audio can be replayed as needed to verify verbatim accuracy.
  • Playback. Any portion of a recording can be played back over audio speakers when requested by the judge or attorneys. The audio can be replayed for jurors if they wish to review actual spoken testimony during deliberations. This is a critical element in determining credibility.


  • Accessibility. Attorneys or interested parties may obtain copies of the recorded proceedings from the vendor in addition to the transcript. Judges can review the recordings in their chambers without the need for written transcriptions.

  • Valuable recording system features. The reporter’s log notes automatically link to their corresponding points in the digital recording, which speeds and simplifies replaying portions of the record when requested. Both log notes and audio files are transmitted over the Internet, reducing or eliminating shipping costs and delivery delays. Storage and archiving are efficient and compact. When the audio and log notes are saved as computer files, there are no cassettes to store, nor files of reporters’ paper notes to maintain. supports all states and programs that aid in the court reporting world, and we too are ready to serve you in your court reporting, videography services, interpreters, live-streaming, and video-to-text synchronization.

Although the majority of cities that offer CourtScribes’ services are in Florida, the company home base, other cities all across these United States that CourtScribes offers services in, are the following: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, Coral Springs, Clearwater, Palm Bay, Fort Myers, Weston, Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Stuart, Hollywood, Naples, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Jupiter, Key West, Coral Gables, Maryland, Manhattan, Buffalo, Washington DC, Baltimore, Bowie, Virginia, Frederick, Albany, New York, Brooklyn,  Westchester, Gaithersberg, and Rockville.