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What To Look For In A Court Reporting Agency

court reporting agency

Court reporting agency CourtScribes prides itself on competence.

Not all court reporting firms are created equal. That’s why it pays to get it right when it comes to choosing the right court reporting agency.

Some of those important considerations include.


You’ll want to check on the longevity of the court reporting agency you work with. That’s not the only indicator of quality, certainly, but it can help you choose.

“If a firm that has been operating for many years, this may be a sign that it is stable,” according to The Global Dispatch. “It means that it has been able to sustain the services it offers to its clients. It would have built its systems to provide its clients’ with what it needs.”

CourtScribes’ executive team has decades of experience working in the legal system.


Accuracy, punctuality and reliability are crucial in choosing the court reporting agency to help you.

“Dealing with a professional firm ensures reliable service,” according to Global Dispatch. “You will expect the court reporter from the company to be professional in how they work. They will be punctual and thus allow smooth proceedings to happen.”

CourtScribes takes pride in creating an accurate, verbatim record of proceedings no matter how chaotic the environment is and uses unique, industry-leading technology in that quest.

Offers innovative services

The world doesn’t stand still. The legal profession doesn’t stand still. Your court reporting agency shouldn’t stand still either.

CourtScribes works on the cutting edge of technology, including providing on-demand video. Entrepreneur and professor Barry Unger, in a white paper, writes, “CourtScribes is able to leverage its process and technology to provide live and on-demand video or audio recording to attorneys in the office at marginal cost. Attorneys not only benefit from a less expensive transcript but the video and/or audio recording provides them with a more accurate and complete record. The digital recording reveals the demeanor of a witness and whether, for instance, they were being sarcastic. In addition, the live video and/or audio feed can be watched by attorneys in the office, allowing the office team to monitor the proceedings and more effectively assist the attorneys in the courtroom.”