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What can CourtScribes do for you?


CourtScribes is a team of highly professional court reporters that are leading the industry in top of the line technology at a fraction of the price. An experienced court reporter is essential to every case including federal, state and local jurisdictions. Digital recording is now the exclusive method for all Supreme Court cases as well! With professional legal videography, ease of access databases and transcripts that are made with effective and precise support services, this is a service that paralegals and attorneys alike can rely on. Whether it’s a trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation or a hearing, call CourtScribes at 1-833-SCRIBES today!


Top of the Line Services


Audio Recording

CourtScribes audio recording equipment is designed to record every voice clearly and precisely. Each sound channel is dedicated to another person. Without having interfering channels, each voice will be captured in its own time allowing for playback at any time. Regardless of outside noise, accents or low speaking voices, there should be zero issues with our court reporters’ abilities to capture every moment.

Audio Transcripts

Each sample of audio will be replayed, documented and time-stamped for future review if needed. There won’t be any issues if a previous statement needs to be retraced or disputed. These transcripts are available through our 24/7 online database.


CourtScribes provides live and on-demand video streaming for your proceedings. These videos are also kept in our database for needed use. We use video-to-text synchronization for easy research into a past video. Using our time-recorded transcripts, you’ll be able to lookup statements from a perfect text record that matches up with both video and audio in perfection. Our top of the line technology will ensure that your case will be recorded with precision and accuracy.


CourtScribes is here for all your trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations and hearings. If you need an experienced team of Court Reporters with top of the line technology, call 1-833-SCRIBES today!