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What Are You Looking for in a Court Reporting Agency?


Having a court reporting agency that is both reliable and trustworthy is very important. However, what exactly are the skills you are looking for in an agency that puts them above the rest. Court Scribes is a court reporting agency that prides itself on excelling in every aspect of court reporting. With the addition of technology and remote aspects being added to the court room, just simple stenography no longer cuts it in this newly progressing industry. In order to stand above the rest, you need professional legal videography, an online repository and the ability to use remote technology for the courtroom.


Why the Need for Tech?


The need for a stenographer will never disappear. Their ability to translate the chaos of a courtroom into separate lines of information to be later read is required. However, that doesn’t mean technology can’t help. With the addition of video and audio technology, a court reporter’s job has now become that much more efficient.

Professional legal videography allows the entire process to be recorded. State-of-the-art audio technology also allows the use of multiple channels to separate all the different voices that are speaking at the same time within the court room.

Finally, with all of the social distancing guidelines in play, it is important that your court reporting service is able to maintain all types of remote court needs. Leading edge technology is integral in competing in the court reporting service.

Court Scribes takes pride in being able to provide a myriad of court reporting services to our clients. This includes all of the professional legal videography, live-streaming, interpreters, video-to-text synchronization, national coverage, 24/7 client service and repository, unmatched quality and unparalleled savings. If you know someone or are a court participant that is in need of a court reporting service, then contact Court Scribes today!