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What are the Benefits of Remote Court Appearances?


As we progress through the coronavirus, we are discovering a lot of these social distancing measures that are being taken are more convenient than their original counterparts. One of these situations is court appearances. The use of remote court appearances has become a blessing for attorneys and judges to become even more efficient than ever before. Overcrowding is a thing of the past; attorneys are becoming much more flexible with their time and even more efficient at their job. Its as simple as having a scheduled video call between the attorneys and other participants. Then, the judge would simply dial in to the call and conduct the trial then and there.

What are the Benefits for Attorneys to Conduct their Business Remotely?


One of the biggest issues for attorneys is the ability to schedule cases and conduct multiple trials in different places. Travel time causes an extreme amount of difficulty. Especially in situations such as traffic hour and severe weather. However, these newfound social distancing movements are not only allowing for safety from the coronavirus, but even better flexibility with time! All costs of litigation will be decreasing and this will save not only the attorneys’ money, but the clients’ money as well.

Are Judges Benefiting from Remote Court Appearances?


It is definitely apparent that attorneys and their clients will be saving plenty of litigation fees through Remote Court Appearances, but what about judges? Judges mainly reside in one area for most of their work. These remote cases allow a judge to just dial into a video session. There is no longer any outer noise that will distract any of the participants in the case. All videos, recordings, depositions and other information will be backed up and be saved into an online database for these judges to find. Finally, CourtScribes takes care of all the support inquiries, transitions between cases and even create private rooms quickly for a judge to talk to an attorney.