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Top 5 Tips for a Successful Remote Deposition


Due to the COVID – 19 outbreaks, we are in a state of emergency that calls for as much social distancing as possible. Through the practice of social distancing, it was agreed upon that conducting trials while making use of remote court appearances and remote depositions is the best form. However, many people are not used to these video conferences and may be scouring the internet for tips on how to handle these remote situations. Well you’re in luck, here are the top 5 tips for having a successful remote deposition.

5. Make Sure Equipment is in Order


A stable internet connection is essential to having a successful remote deposition. Make sure all of your computer systems are stable so you won’t have any issues with disconnections. All of your audio devices must be working and make sure that your microphone is transferring audio correctly.

4. Know Your Web Conference Applications


Do a practice run of the software that you will be using during the Remote Deposition prior to having the real one. This will make it so you’re comfortable with using it and can access all the system commands without issue.

3. Try Not to Interrupt Audio from Another Source


Remote Depositions are recorded for future use and it is important that all of the audio is transmitted correctly. Don’t try to speak over others to ensure that everything is recorded.

2. Use a Space you Are Comfortable Being Within


You don’t want any unexpected visitors popping in to interrupt your remote deposition. Make sure that the area you choose to conduct is free from any chance of disruption. Also, take advantage of the fact you may allocate yourself to a space where you feel most comfortable.

1. Follow all Normal Conducts and Courses for a Standard Deposition


Although you are now comfortable in your home, with your familiar equipment, its important that you remain in a professional state of mind. Keep all your standard protocol procedures for conducting a normal deposition. Court Scribes is proud to provide everything required for a remote deposition so contact us today!