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Three ways Miami court reporters CourtScribes disrupts industry

courtroom stenography

There’s still a place for courtroom stenography in the technological revolution by Miami court reporters CourtScribes.

There’s still a place for stenography in the courtroom. But the Miami court reporters of CourtScribes are changing the game by adding other services as well.

CourtScribes uses the latest technological tools to pursue the oldest goal in the business, verbatim records of key proceedings. Along the way, the Miami court reporters are driving down cost, thanks to expert use of those tools.

Here are three things CourtScribes does differently that make it an industry disruptor.

Free HD video

Thanks to the latest in video and cloud computing technology, CourtScribes is able to offer free HD video of proceedings.

Normally, videography can be even more expensive than standard services. But CourtScribes offers this service without additional cost.

Online repository

CourtScribes’ private online repository makes it possible for you to access transcripts, videos and exhibits no matter where you are and no matter what kind of device you’re using.

The company is able to do this thanks to its cloud computing prowess.

Live Streaming

For a small additional cost, CourtScribes provides live streaming of proceedings.

That service allows for enhanced trial support. “CourtScribes is able to leverage its process and technology to provide live and on-demand video or audio recording to attorneys in the office at marginal cost. Attorneys not only benefit from a less expensive transcript but the video and/or audio recording provides them with a more accurate and complete record,” Barry Unger, a professor and entrepreneur writes.

Unger points out that the company is able to do its work for less than most competitors, and is forging a new standard for court reporting.

“Looking at the already successful implementations of CourtScribes’ technology and internet based service, I can see an analogous type of phenomenon beginning to happen in the legal industry, where court reporting and videography will become a new standard, a “no-brainer” as it were, for the legal professional, and thus extend both the amount and uses of legal reporting, and its practicality and availability to a larger part of the public the legal industry serves,” he writes.