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How Videography Has Rocketed Court Reporting into the Future

Posted on: July 14th, 2020 by Sfl Media No Comments



Court Reporting is now an age-old industry that has brought an infinite amount of value into the courtroom. However, just as many other industries have developed technologies for betterment, court reporters have called upon legal videographers to aid them in the modern era. Videographers possess plenty of valuable skills that help a court reporter take the next step in completing their jobs. Videography has added an element of audio-freedom for the court reporter. Being able to sit in, or tune in, to a video streaming courtroom allows them to focus in on all the sounds, comments and statements made by all legal participants within the trial.


What Actually Changes for the Court Reporter?


You may ask yourself, “Doesn’t the legal videographer make the court reporter unnecessary?” The answer is no. Regardless how far into the future we may proceed, a third-party person must be there to record all statements made throughout the trial. It must be an unbiased and professional person to examine, transcribe and formulate correct and precise recordings. However, the addition of videography to the industry, has allowed for a whole new experience within the court reporting industry. Recorded video and audio allow for not only a video sit-in for transcription, but also material for them to cross-examine and document. These transcripts are now able to be timestamped with perfection on not only text, but audio recording and video recording.


It is Essential to Have a Team of Experienced Legal Videographers and Court Reporters


In order to succeed within this modern era of technology, you will require a team of professionals that can handle all of the aspects of recording within a courtroom. CourtScribes is proud to offer attorneys, judges and other legal participants all of the features of a modern courtroom. Our team is compiled of not only court reporters, but leading-edge technology that will ensure every step of the way is taken care of. Professional videography, video-to-text synchronization, live streaming and online databases are just a small sample of what CourtScribes has to offer.