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What the Court Stenographer Shortage Means for You

Posted on: March 7th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

There has been a serious court reporter shortage since the early months of the pandemic of COVID-19. That shortage has yet to be corrected as many litigators are still struggling to find qualified court reporters, stenographers, and videographers to fill the demand. Here’s what the ongoing court reporter shortage means for you. 


What the Court Reporter Shortage Means for Litigators

One of the most tangible effects of the current shortage of court reporters that litigators have noticed is how much longer it takes to arrange a deposition. In the past, you could get a hold of a court reporter the day before a deposition, but it’s not that easy these days. 

At this point, most litigators have started issuing requests to court reporters in advance which means depositions need to be scheduled much earlier. Another problem is the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for litigators to find court reporters that are reliable. With many of the best people in the profession already booked solid and fewer people coming out of stenography schools successfully, litigators are feeling the strain.  

What’s Causing the Shortage?

Several things are causing the shortage of court reporters that litigators are currently experiencing. For one thing, there simply aren’t enough of them, and to make matters worse, it takes four years of education to become a court reporter.

Worse yet, the success rate for people going into stenography school is extremely low which slows down the trickle of new court reporters entering the workforce

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