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NCRA’s Celebrate Certification Month

Posted on: May 18th, 2020 by Sfl Media No Comments


The Members of the National Court Reporter’s Association are once again coming to participate in the annual Celebrate Certification Month. This May will be the third year of celebrating not only Court Reporter certifications, but certifications of all kind. Throughout the month, members of the NCRA are being encouraged to share with clients and other workforce about their success with being a certified court reporter. Also, they are trying to connect with clients about how important receiving a national certification is, and how important it is to choose people who possess such qualities.


Importance of Having a National Certification


National certifications are a key element to showing dedication to your profession. A national certified court reporter has a big commitment to their profession and does their best to keep all of their skills polished. Those with professional certifications provide the highest quality service available in the career. Also, numerous court reporters that truly do possess their professional certifications show to have a higher pay then others. Court Reporters are currently in short supply. All over the country, these positions need to be filled. What better time to strive for a certification in professional court reporting than now?


Court Reporter Platform


Court reporters all over the country are striving for greatness in their profession. There are tons of specialized court reporting certifications. Many of these professions only require designated training and certifications. This is contrary to other professions that require well over 4 years of learning in a scholastic environment. Being a court reporter is in increasing demand. These jobs include venues all over the world, flexible schedules and great salaries! May, 2020 is another year of celebrating certifications of all kinds throughout the country. If you haven’t taken the time to achieve a professional certification for your job, then now is the time! It is never too late to be recognized as one that strives and perseveres in their profession!