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Reasons to Hire a Digital Court Reporter

As CourtScribes has noted in several posts in the past, there is a growing shortage of stenographers. This reality combined with the fact that the average age of a court reporter is 53, leaves cause for concern about the profession’s future. Additional contributing factors to this shortage include a significant decrease in graduates from professional […]

Court Reporter Shortage Could Affect Trials in Texas


Another state, another shortage in court reporting being mentioned on this site. This time out of Texas. All across Texas, a shortage of court reporters has caused a Cherokee County judge, Chris Day, to pitch an idea to the Texas attorney general. His idea is to have an electronic recorder in-lieu of an appointed court […]

Is Digital Court Reporting the Stenographer of the Future

Court reporters

Technological advancements in digital reporting and stenographer shortages are really beginning to impact the legal market in every region of the country. This can be thought of as the point where a technology or method transitions into the mainstream market. In the case of court reporting, digital reporting is expanding from the courtroom into the […]