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Why It’s Important for Court Reporters to Keep Their Equipment in Good Condition

Posted on: May 23rd, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Court reporters are the unsung heroes of the courtroom. In the background of every court case, divorce, or legal battle, there is a court reporter working diligently in the background. A good court reporter is someone who can record statements that are made during court proceedings with perfect accuracy. While it’s important for court reporters to have a certain knowledge level to do their jobs effectively, the condition of the equipment they use is equally important.  

Here’s why it is important for court reporters to always keep their equipment updated and in good condition. You will also learn how the state of a court reporter’s equipment can affect the outcome of a court case. 

Court Reporter Equipment

Court reporters use several key pieces of equipment to do their jobs. Practically every court reporter uses a stenographer typewriter. These are specially designed typewriters that are built to facilitate fast and easy typing. It’s important for court reporters to keep their stenographer typewriters in good condition or to replace them when they become unreliable. 

Most court reporters also use microphones and voice recording equipment to capture audio during court proceedings or depositions. If the microphones or recording equipment is damaged in any way, it can affect the recordings which can affect the accuracy of the court reporter’s transcripts in turn. This is why it’s important for court reporters to keep their equipment in good condition. 

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