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Judge faces Legal Troubles Due to Inadequate Court Recordings

Posted on: March 28th, 2022 by Sfl Media No Comments

Every good court reporter takes their job very seriously. Why? It’s about more than getting a paycheck, it’s about the countless people that depend on court reporters for their accuracy and efficiency every single day. Here’s what happened when a Detroit judge decided to use inaccurate court recordings. 

What Happened

An official complaint was filed against Judge Kahlilia Davis after it was found that she had been holding court proceedings without recording them properly. While some of the proceedings were recorded incorrectly, others were posted online. 

Judge Kahlilia Davis held court proceedings without recording the hearings correctly, an act that represents a serious misuse of power. It also represents a brazen disregard for ethical conduct in the courtroom.  

What Were the Consequences?

When a U.S. judge is implicated for deliberately interfering with the recording of court proceedings, there are consequences. In this case, a complaint against Judge Kahlilia Davis was filed by the  Judicial Tenure Commission. 

There have been calls for disciplinary action, however, whether any disciplinary action will be taken or not depends on an upcoming decision from the Michigan Supreme Court.

While there may be consequences for Judge Kahlilia Davis, others have already felt the sting from the consequences of her actions. Numerous rulings were made without properly recorded hearings. This story serves as a reminder of the importance of pure and accurate court reporting. The fates of countless individuals depend on accurate court reporting. 

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