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Miami Court Reporters Make Change Work For Clients

Miami court reporters

The buildings may be classical, but Miami court reporters know changes are taking place in the legal system.

Miami court reporters agency CourtScribes is on the cutting edge of technology that’s changing courtrooms across the country.

The court reporting agency uses the latest in technology to help lower costs while increasing the quality of verbatim records, democratizing the legal process. It’s part of a big set of changes that’s coming to the legal system and affecting not just court reporting, but the way evidence is presented as well.

Law Technology Today, in a report about a new audio visual system in a courthouse, points out, “The jurors of today are communicating with smart phones, texting and sending e-mails.  They take pictures and videos with their phones, posting them on Facebook and YouTube, and communicate their moment-to-moment thoughts and reactions on Twitter. This new generation of jurors is accustomed to the instantaneous delivery of information using the latest technology.  As lawyers, we need to use the technology to which this group is accustomed if we expect to effectively communicate with them.”

As lawyers adjust to presenting evidence in different ways, the court reporting profession is in the middle of similar changes.

According to Jesse Caitland of, more technology in the courtroom has not meant job losses for court reporters, as it has for some other fields. In fact, she writes: “Court reporters have benefited in a significant way by embracing key technologies and maintaining the traditional values of professionalism, punctuality and other traits.”

Caitland points out that there’s no substitute for the judgment of a professional when it comes to such an important function as court reporting.

The Miami court reporters at CourtScribes see technology as a major opportunity. Cloud computing combined with digital and audio advances put Courtscribes ahead of the pack when it comes to both accuracy and cost. CourtScribes embrace of technology allows it to charge less and deliver more than competitors.