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Miami Court Reporters Lead Changes In A Growing Profession

Miami court reporters

The Miami court reporters of CourtScribes incorporate technology into their work.

Court reporting doesn’t get the love it deserves as a profession. As the Miami court reporters of CourtScribes know, court reporting is not just growing, but changing thanks to innovation.

According to Planet Depos, “It’s obvious we need talented doctors, dentists, and teachers. But there are other indispensable professionals who have amazing mental processing skills in essential positions. A court reporting career showcases those stars.”

That lack of marketing has led to serious shortages of court reporting talent, according to the National Court Reporters Association, which estimates there will be a surplus of 5,500 jobs in the field this year.

The Miami court reporters of CourtScribes are one of the innovative companies helping both make the profession more attractive and respond to such things as court reporter shortages through technology.

According to Jesse Caitland of, more technology in the courtroom has not meant job losses for court reporters, as it has for some other fields. In fact, she writes: “Court reporters have benefited in a significant way by embracing key technologies and maintaining the traditional values of professionalism, punctuality and other traits.”

Barry Unger, a professor and entrepreneur, in a white paper, “CourtScribes is changing the court reporting industry by using Internet age technology to create the official record of court proceedings, using remote transcriptionists and charging attorneys up to 50% less than what they now pay, and as … a disruptive technology will not only improve the quality of services, but also ultimately extend and even democratize the use of services that are today often restricted only to high profile or high dollar value cases.”

With its combination of high-tech tools and experienced professionals, Courtscribes is able to create completely accurate verbatim records, no matter how chaotic the environment, leading the court reporting agency’s clients to expect nothing less than perfection.