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Why Miami Court Reporters CourtScribes Embraces Tech Change


High tech tools may someday have the prominence of the gavel, thanks to companies like the court reporters at CourtScribes.

The digital revolution is making inroads at the courthouse and companies like Miami court reporters CourtScribes are leading the way.

Those changes encompass almost every aspect of how legal work gets done, according to Reuters. According to the news agency, changes include:

  • Virtualized and paperless courts—Virtualized legal proceedings will reduce the distance and logistics difficulties that plague present-day courtrooms. Further, the news agency argues, more records will move into cyberspace.
  • Video use will increase—Telepresence, videoconferencing and video evidence are all becoming less rare, and soon will be commonplace.
  • Democratization—Technology will increase access to the legal system.

The court reporting profession is seeing its fair share of change brought about by technology. And Miami court reporters CourtScribes is in the thick of things.

At CourScribes, the digital revolution has been at full boil for some time.


Entrepreneur and professor Barry Unger, in a white paper, writes that the West Palm Beach court reporting agency is leading a wave of change to disrupt the centuries-old profession.

Unger writes: “CourtScribes is changing the court reporting industry by using Internet age technology to create the official record of court proceedings, using remote transcriptionists and charging attorneys up to 50% less than what they now pay, and as … a disruptive technology will not only improve the quality of services, but also ultimately extend and even democratize the use of services that are today often restricted only to high profile or high dollar value cases.”

According to Unger, court reporting agencies in Florida charge as much as $10 per page for verbatim daily transcripts, while CourtScribes charges half that. “CourtScribes is able to leverage its process and technology to provide live and on-demand video or audio recording to attorneys in the office at marginal cost. Attorneys not only benefit from a less expensive transcript but the video and/or audio recording provides them with a more accurate and complete record.