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Obviously, judges and attorneys are at the forefront in any courtroom. Court reporters are not usually in the same spotlight in the courtroom as a judge or attorney would be. But you would be surprised how truly important court reporters are. We have shown examples of this fact many times on this site.

Jill Layton, an official court reporter for the Cumberland County, Illinois Courthouse. said a court reporter’s job is one of the most important there is.

“It’s very important to have what people say in the courtroom. You want it, word for word what everybody said every utterance and you want to keep that forever,” said Layton. 

As we have stated many times here on, there’s a shortage of court reporters. In fact, Jill Layton is the only court reporter at the Cumberland County Courthouse.

And that is why classes are now in session.

The First Steps class at the Edgar County Courthouse gave people a taste of the short-hand writing style used in courtrooms. The class was taught how to spell out words and phrases in a single-hand motion.

“When you see people on tv and they’re just touching that’s not court reporting, you’ve got your machine and you’re pounding away on that,” said Layton.


Layton said for those who are interested, there’s an entire world of opportunity waiting for you.

“You will not find a court reporter that does not say I absolutely love what I do and so we’re just bringing people into the fold,” said Layton.

As we have mentioned many times, this is a career desperately in need. From Florida to Illinois, court reporters are in full demand, so if you have a calling now is the time.

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