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When your client is getting ready to testify in their deposition, it may seem like an overwhelming experience. However, with the right preparation, you can help them succeed. Here’s what you should know about preparing a client for a deposition. 

A Good Place to Start

Ask yourself: Are they aware of what a deposition is and why they have one? Have you taken the time to explain what to expect, what the other side will be after, and how to respond? Do they understand how important their testimony is and that this could have implications for the long term? If not, then you need to read on.

What Is a Deposition?

A deposition is a meeting that takes place out of court, with a deposition officer, where a person’s testimony is recorded. The deposition officer records what is said and the person testifying will sign their name below the transcript of their testimony. This process is so that if there are any disputes in the facts at a later date, there will be evidence of what was said at the deposition and the person who said it.

Before a trial takes place, each side must exchange information about what they plan to prove and how they plan to prove it. The facts of the case and the evidence must be disclosed. This exchange is done through what is called “discovery.” The depositions are part of discovery and are used as a tool to prepare for trial.

The Importance of Language and Vocabulary in Depositions

Speak to your client in a manner that they understand and are comfortable with. Make sure your client feels comfortable talking to you and that they are confident in what they are saying. This confidence is translated in how your client speaks and the words they use. If your client sounds unsure, then the other side may be able to exploit that and use it against them.

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