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How to Have Successful Remote Deposition?


Depositions are a key factor in a court case. In order for attorneys and other law participants to obtain valid information regarding the case, they must go through the process of a deposition. This is the act of going to a witness or someone with regards to the case at hand and receiving their personal information and the facts they have pertaining to the case. It is important to be prepared for these types of interactions. Here are some tips to get you on the right track to having a successful remote deposition.

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Remote Depositions Rely on Working Equipment


This isn’t a standard deposition where you meet in person with an attorney and give all your information then and there. You are working over an online connection and speaking through a video streaming application. All of these interactions are going to be relying on your equipment, that is allowing you to stream, to continue working properly. Ensuring that nothing will go wrong with your computer and the internet is stable is essential.


Be Comfortable and Follow Standard Protocol for a Deposition


You’ve done it. Other than ensuring that your internet and equipment are functioning properly, you only have to answer all the questions the attorney provides you. Remember, you can be comfortable in your own space, but be respectful and follow all other standards for a deposition you would normally attend.

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