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CourtScribes Will Take Care of All of Your Court Reporter and Remote Court Needs


CourtScribes is a team of professionals dedicated to giving the highest quality service to judges, attorneys and all other court participants through their excellent court reporters and high-quality technology. With a plethora of professional-level recording systems, digitally based technology and high-quality video, they capture every moment of a case and store it in their cloud-based databank. Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching all over the nation, they have taken the extra step to provide all remote court needs. From scheduling, to recording and even video hosting, CourtScribes is here for all of your court reporter and remote court needs.


What Features Does CourtScribes Have?


CourtScribes prides itself on the state-of-the-art technology that allows for picture perfect court recordings. When you’re trusting your cases to CourtScribes you’re receiving all of the following:

  • Equipment and Reporter Working Together – All of our electronic recording equipment will be constantly monitored by a professional. If specific times need to be looked up, all statements are placed by time-stamp for easy retrieval.
  • Speaker Identification – Many court cases have a bunch of people speaking at the same time and that can be very difficult for a single stenographer to follow. CourtScribes’ audio recording technology uses multiple channels to separate all voice and record these statements for future review.
  • Unobtrusive Presence – Unlike a stenographer who may need to speak up if something was missed and interrupt the proceeding, the high-quality recording technology will keep these moments to a minimum if at all.
  • Playback – One of the best features of audio recording is the ability of instant playback. All statements may be replayed at any time from the online database. No longer do you have to worry about looking up the transcript and weeding through the errors.
  • Remote Court Appearances – CourtScribes is proud to provide all attorneys and judges remote court appearances as well. Just link up to our hosted streaming application and your court proceeding is on its way!