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CourtScribes is the Best in Court Reporting

If you are in need of court reporting services, the team at CourtScribes is a team of highly professional court reporters that are leading the industry. Possessing top-of-the-line technology for a fraction of the price, CourtScribes based in South Florida, is the one and only company you need for court services of all kinds. Having an experienced court reporter is essential to every court case. This includes federal, state and local jurisdictions.

CourtScribes also uses digital recording. Digital recording is now the exclusive method for all Supreme Court cases. It seems like it will become more and more used in the future. With professional legal videography, ease of access databases, and transcripts that are made with effective and precise support services, CourtScribes provides a service that paralegals and attorneys alike can rely on. Whether it’s a trial, deposition, arbitration, mediation, or a hearing, visit or call 1-833-SCRIBES today to inquire about their services.


Services Offered by CourtScribes


Audio Recording – We possess audio recording equipment that is designed to record every voice clearly and precisely. Each sound channel is dedicated to another person, without any interfering channels. Each voice is captured in its own time allowing for playback at any time. Even in the event of outside noise, accents, or people speaking too low, there will be no issues with our court reporters’ abilities to capture every moment.


Videography – CourtScribes even provides live and on-demand video streaming. These videos are also stored in our database for needed use later on down the road. We use video-to-text synchronization for easy research into a past video. Our top-of-the-line technology will ensure that your case will be recorded with precision and accuracy.

Audio Transcripts – Each audio sample will be replayed, documented, and time-stamped for future review. That way there won’t be any issues if a previous statement needs to be retraced or disputed. And these transcripts are available through our 24/7 online database.


If you need court reporting services that handle digital recoding then which supports all states and programs that aid in the court reporting world are ready to serve you in your court reporting, videography services, interpreters, live-streaming, and video-to-text synchronization.

Although the majority of cities that offer CourtScribes’ services are in Florida, the company home base, other cities all across these United States that CourtScribes offers services in, are the following: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, Coral Springs, Clearwater, Palm Bay, Fort Myers, Weston, Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Hialeah, Stuart, Hollywood, Naples, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Jupiter, Key West, Coral Gables, Maryland, Manhattan, Buffalo, Washington DC, Baltimore, Bowie, Virginia, Frederick, Albany, New York, Brooklyn,  Westchester, Gaithersberg, and Rockville.