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Are you looking for a rewarding field to pursue that is never dull? Look no further than court reporting with CourtScribes! We are a nationwide company that can provide you with a rewarding career in the location you desire. CourtScribes offers top-notch legal services to our clients, and we are always quick to recognize talent.

When you become a court reporter with CourtScribes, you are part of a team of professionals who use the latest technology, such as voice recognition software and real-time captioning, to provide accurate and timely transcripts of court proceedings. Our court reporters are the best in the business, and their work is invaluable to our clients and the legal system. 

CourtScribes provides our clients with reliable, highly accurate, cost-effective transcripts and a secure way to access their court proceedings and documents. We strive to provide the best services possible to our clients, and our commitment to excellent customer service ensures that our clients receive the highest quality court reporting services from beginning to finish.

At CourtScribes, you will be part of a team that gives our customers access to advanced services that are not typically available from other companies in the court reporting industry. A certified transcript is a must, and we also provide live & on-demand video streaming of the trial proceedings.

Being a court reporter is an exciting job that is flexible and offers a number of different avenues that you can take with it. Your days are never boring as you will be covering trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, and hearings on a wide variety of cases. 

A job opportunity with CourtScribes is more than just a means of making a living; it’s a chance to open doors to the world. As a CourtScribes court reporter, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a variety of cases, from civil cases to criminal proceedings, and interact with a team of friendly professionals in an exciting industry.

With competitive pay and a flexible schedule, court reporting can be a rewarding career. A job is an opportunity that opens many doors to the world, and joining CourtScribes is a great way to make those doors open even wider.