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Court Reporter Shortage: High Demand!


Legal and court reporting industries are on the verge of a serious court reporter shortage. As we start this new decade, we are looking at the lowest rates of court reporters ever recorded. The median age of all court reporters is right around 51 years old. This number is an omen for some very serious trouble for the industry in the future. With generations of court reporters nearing retirement, this industry is one of the most profitable careers paths available right now.


Why is there a Shortage of Court Reporters?


With the progression of technology, many people assumed that court reporting would eventually be a technological takeover. The court reporter would be replaced by the machine they used. However, it is quite the opposite. Legal industries will always be a prevalent pathway for a career. All legal activity has seen a large increase as the years progress. Due to this factor, the demand for these court reporters is becoming greater and greater. However, due to the lower rate of school enrollment and education, the knowledge of this position has begun to fade from the awareness of legal students. Also, with the average age of the average court reporter ranging around 51, many of these officials will be retiring within the next decade. This is going to leave a huge gap in the industry’s employment efficiency.


Benefits of Becoming a Court Reporter


If people even slightly considered the benefits of becoming a court reporter, then they would notice that this position is a goldmine for the freelance and entrepreneurial era we are in. First of all, court reporters bring in a good amount of income. However, with the demand on the rise for more, the earning potential of a court reporter has never been higher. Secondly, the education requirements for becoming a court reporter aren’t as difficult as you’d think. Many people believe an education in law will require many studious years. On the contrary, a court reporter is usually in a scholastic environment for only two years or until they receive their certificate. Lastly, there are so many different industries that require precision court reporting. This opens up so many viable ways of contorting your court reporting career to your freelancing niche. This job has never been as valuable or had as much potential as now!